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Microsoft Announce New Community Features For Xbox Live

We are particularly encouraged to see Microsoft handing the power to the players themselves, this will enable tailored gaming experiences to suit each particular group of players.

Microsoft announced at this years E3 some exciting changes to the Xbox Live community that will help users generate ‘virtual safe spaces’ free from abuse and cyberbullying. Players will now be able to form private groups and set their own rules of conduct, effectively creating safer group environments for like minded gamers and players who want to enjoy games without abuse.

The new safety features will allow Xbox users a greater degree of control over potentially offensive content, including both violence and swearing, while Club founders will be able to set rules, control membership and police anti-social behaviour.

The latest innovations are part of a wider Microsoft initiative called ‘Gaming for All’, which aims to make gamers of all kinds welcome. Fostering greater inclusion and diversity in gaming is high on the agenda of many gaming platforms and Xbox has responded to this need by giving players the tools to build their own inclusive sub-communities.

“To truly have a lasting impact requires a culture shift, one that won’t happen overnight. However, our team is committed to get better each day, to teach one another to pause in our decision making process and think about the amazing diversity of needs, abilities and interests amongst gamers around the world.”

Xbox Boss, Phil Spencer

The ‘Gaming for Good’ incentive has been steadily growing since its conception in 2014 and it now applies to the full breadth of the Xbox business. That includes greater diversity in its workforce and within the actual games, which will display a greater commitment to fairer representation of both gender and race and be made with accessibility for gamers with disabilities in mind.

These steps are in line with Microsoft’s recent pledge to a European Commission incentive which calls for some of the major internet platforms to collectively address the issues of hate speech directed at minority groups and women. Are you affected by abuse in gaming? If so, check out our Gaming Abuse Help Center or visit our total access support services to see the various ways we can help you with your online abuse problem. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following suggestions.

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