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Make History @ 7pm

#stopcyberbullyingday has finally arrived and we are now frantically preparing for the 7pm (U.K time) attempt of a world trend on Twitter!

It has taken all of us the best part of a year to reach this point and it feels absolutely amazing!

Thank you all so much for your wonderful support and please help us make history tonight by helping us get this trending worldwide at 7pm (U.K time).

Get everybody involved, get friends, get families, get teachers…… we will only get one chance at this, so lets make the most of it!

To help us with the final stretch of this awesome movement please help with raising awareness all day today tagging us in @CybersmileHQ and Facebook, preparing everybody for the main event at 7pm tonight! (U.K time).

At 7pm tonight……. Tweet #stopcyberbullyingday like crazy and make sure everybody else is tweeting at the same time!

If this works, we have achieved something very special….together. X :)