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Lee Wolf Announced As Cybersmiler Of The Month Award Winner For December

We know what you are thinking...but we believe that the good work Lee has been doing is so inspirational that we are even willing to overlook the extremely fuzzy image that we have had to use as the feature for this article!

As we look forward to 2019, it is time to hand out our final Cybersmiler of the Month Award of 2018. Following in the footsteps of previous winners such as British girl-group Little Mix, Pink and actor Idris Elba, this month, we are delighted to announce that the award goes to viral Door Dash driver Lee Wolf for channelling his much publicised experience of bullying into the promotion of kindness and positivity, while raising over $3,000 for Cybersmile!

In December, a video of Lee was posted online without the delivery driver’s consent. In the video recorded by people receiving a delivery from Lee you can see the recipients demanding money back for food they ordered but wasn’t delivered due to a fault with a machine used by the fast food chain. Although Lee does his best to explain why the customers weren’t able to receive part of their order and told them how they can get their money back through the company, they continued to shout and demand Lee to return their money from his own wallet. Eventually Lee complies with the customers’ demands and hands over some money before expressing how uncomfortable he has been made to feel. After that, the video cuts out.

Once Lee had left, after being confronted and forced to give up his own money, it came to light that one of the customers had uploaded the video of him to social media, it instantly went viral receiving over 19 million views. Thousands of social media users sympathized with Lee and wanted to find him and return the money that he had been forced to hand out in the video.

After seeing and reading all of the support he was receiving online, Lee decided to set up a GoFundMe in which he wanted to give people the opportunity to donate the money they we’re offering him to a good cause instead.

“Thank you so much to everyone for their support and encouraging words! I’m doing good, safe at home right now. All of the kind words and messages mean a lot to me. I have deactivated all of my public social media right now, as the response has been overwhelming. I will return to social media soon and when I return, you can come to this GoFundMe page and follow my public pages. Any other accounts are private and I will not be accepting any requests there, I hope you understand and respect my privacy. Thank you again for your support! And please be kind to strangers and everyone you meet! Thanks!”

Lee Wolf, Cybersmiler of the Month

Lee chose Cybersmile because he felt the world needed more kindness and positivity. We are extremely grateful to Lee for choosing us and to everyone who has donated through Lee’s GoFundMe page. The fundraiser has raised over $3,200 and to make things even more incredible, Door Dash have reached out and offered to match the fundraiser total meaning Cybersmile will receive over $6,000 towards our support services for young and vulnerable internet users – THANK YOU DOOR DASH!

We think that Lee has gone above and beyond by taking a distressing situation and turning it into hope and support for people all over the world! Lee, you are our very worthy Cybersmiler of the Month for December!

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