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Instagram bans #curvy causing outrage among users

Are you offended by the above images?

These are posts that showed up a result of searching for the #curvy tag on Instagram recently… but if you search for the tag now – you won’t see anything. This is because Instagram have now banned the hashtag claiming that it took the step as part of a clampdown on nudity on the platform.

“I can confirm that we did block the hashtag #curvy. It was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity. Please note that the block has nothing to do with the term ‘curvy’ itself.”

Instagram spokesperson

Campaigners and users alike have been shocked by the move. While #curvy has been banned, other tags including #skinny, #thin and even #fat remain active – as well as far more derogatory, pornographic and explicit terms that we won’t sully your beautiful ears with here, Cybersmilers.

“It is not about #curvy is better than #skinny in society or in the fashion industry. The fight is for inclusivity and acceptance of all shapes and sizes – from a size zero to a 20 – you can be beautiful at any size, as long as you are fit and healthy. So why then is only #curvy banned and not #skinny?

Jenny McQuaile
Director/Producer, Straight/Curve

According to Jenny McQuaile, a director who focuses on inclusion for all body shapes, two thirds of women are considered “curvy” – so isn’t it a bit offensive to ban this tag? The Twittersphere certainly seems to think so!

Other users are hitting back. In a trend started by blogger Katt Cupcake, women are replacing the banned #curvy tag with a misspelled version, #curvee.

At Cybersmile we’re all about positivity and inclusion – and of course stopping cyberbullying – so as you can imagine we’re not thrilled to hear this news! While it’s of course a good thing to try and protect users from explicit and dangerous content, we’re not sure this is the best way to go about it…

What do you think about Instagram‘s decision? Let us know by tweeting us @CybersmileHQ. (You can still use the #curvy tag on Twitter by the way!)

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