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Half A Million Views For New Ad!

Cybersmile’s first cyberbullying awareness advert #DONTRETALIATE has been viewed an amazing 500,000 times on YouTube in 6 weeks – and it’s still increasing!

The worldwide uptake of the advert has been excellent – especially considering there has been no paid advertising to promote the video. Cybersmile founder, Scott Freeman, said:

“Half a million views in a few weeks is an incredible achievement, which makes us feel immensely proud. With awareness adverts, it all comes down to numbers; it doesn’t matter how important a message is, if it doesn’t get viewed and shared then it has been a wasted opportunity. Over half of a million people have received our potentially life saving message and this is great news!”

Cybersmile would like to thank Rattling Stick for all their work with the ad and give a special mention to Ed Morris – thanks Ed!

You can watch #DONTRETALIATE here.