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Get Involved Worldwide

We have decided to get all creative @CybersmileHQ and we want all you guys from around the world to get involved!

To show your support for the Cybersmile community and to help us promote our message worldwide, we want you to create a T-shirt for us and use it to show us where in the world you are supporting us from! Be as arty or as simple as you like but try to include your countries flag – then take a snap and send it through to us on Twitter using the special hashtag #imacybersmilerfrom. We have started it off in the picture above using the special hashtag #imacybersmilerfrom and completed our’s with the UK flag for London. We will show all your lovely tee’s with your Twitter and Facebook names on our main website so people know you’re there to help!

Being involved couldn’t be easier, just follow these steps.

1. Find an old T-shirt that isn’t as important as Cybersmile : )

2. Write, stick or design your T-shirt however you choose (making sure you include the special hashtag, location and flag ie #imacybersmilerfrom London (with the UK flag as above!)

3. Take a really cool snap of you wearing the T-shirt with a lovely background of where you are from.

4. Tweet the image with the special hashtag #imacybersmilerfrom tagging us in @CybersmileHQ, or alternatively use Facebook.

5. Wait to be famous by being on our main website!

Maybe you are going somewhere really cool on holiday? You can take the T-shirt and get a great snap!

Whatever you do, enjoy and get snapping!