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Cyberbullying awareness video #DONTRETALIATE marks the begining of our global education and awareness campaign for all forms of cyberbullying. We will be continuing the campaign with a series of communications activities designed to focus on several key areas of advice and guidance, all aimed at different areas of the problem.

The film imparts an important and compelling message to not retaliate when being cyberbullied through the harrowing story of a young girl who becomes the target of online bullying, a story that has become all too common in recent times. In fact during production of this short film, there were three cyberbullying related suicides in the UK alone.

We hope that this powerful film will be well supported and reach the people that need it most; with its simple yet potentially life saving message of dont retaliate when being bullied online. Do not retaliate is the single most important piece of advice that we can give any victim of cyberbullying. If followed, this advice can help reduce anxieties and allows for clearer thinking at a time when somebody is making a very real, life or death level decision. If this film saves one life, it has all been worthwhile.

We would like to thank everybody involved with this film including the actors/actresses, production company Rattling Stick, BozBoz Digital Agency and The Digital Fairy, we couldn’t have done it without you guys!


The Cybersmile Foundation is the only cyberbullying charity in the UK, and is operated completely by volunteers. We pay no salaries and receive no grants, we rely entirely on donations.

If you think that the work we do is important and would like to support us by making a donation, please select the Donate option from the menu bar above, alternatively please click here. Please remember that donations can start at 1 pound or 1$ and genuinely do make such a huge difference to peoples lives. Your donation will enable us to continue to offer help, support and education to the victims of cyberbullying.

You can see the difference your donation will make by reading our most recent testimonials here. If supporting us financially is not viable for you at the moment, you can still show your support for us in other ways by signing up for our newsletter on our home page and supporting us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at the top of the page.

Thank you all so much for your fantastic support. Please share this film as much as possible and help it to reach the people that need it, you might save a life.