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Get involved with our #CYBERSMILECHAIN campaign every Thursday and help us make people feel great by spreading positivity online!

We all know how nice it feels to receive a lovely, positive message that we didn’t expect, so at Cybersmile HQ we started thinking….. What can we do that will make people feel really happy about themselves? Then we came up with the #CYBERSMILECHAIN idea! It’s really easy to get involved and really can change somebody’s day from bad to good!

Ok, so this what you need to do

1. Choose 5 random followers from your Twitter account

2. Tweet 5 different positive messages tagging in each of your random followers that you selected

3. Include #CYBERSMILECHAIN in the tweets so we can keep an eye on all the love online!

4. Remember to tell your friends to continue this with their friends.

5. RT and tag 5 friends in to our positive quotes to keep the chain going!

Every Thursday is the official #CYBERSMILECHAIN day but it feels so good to be nice that if you have the time and want to start making peoples day’s a whole lot brighter, you can start right now!