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Cybersmile launches new Gaming Support Centre in partnership with Intel

In partnership with Intel, we are delighted to launch our brand new gaming resources designed specifically to support victims of misogyny, digital abuse and online hate – all increasingly prominent issues in the gaming industry. The new resource centre has been built as part of our involvement in the Diversity in Technology initiative, created to improve inclusion in the technology sector with a particular focus on helping women and girls.

In addition to the new information online, support from Intel has enabled us to recruit and train over 30 new support advisors to offer practical, emotional and legal support to victims worldwide.

“We are excited to be able to share this new resource with the gaming community – we’re thrilled to be working with Intel to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment in which females, who have been abused in this field for too long, have the opportunity to enjoy gaming and pursue related careers without the constant threat of abuse and degradation.”

Scott Freeman, Cybersmile Founder

Requests for support from victims of abuse in gaming is the fastest growing area of our work. Many players have the emotional capabilities to process and deal with online abuse in a calm, and managed way but unfortunately some don’t, and it’s for these players that our new advice and support facilities can offer a potential lifeline.

Through guest Q&A’s and blog posts from leading industry professionals we want to make sure that everybody feels they have the right to pursue their chosen career within the gaming industry without fear of ridicule and abuse. We will give them confidence to follow their dream.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Intel and we applaud their ongoing commitment to addressing diversity issues in the tech industry! For further information and resources for cyberbullying, harassment and digital abuse, please explore the following suggestions.

Exciting stuff! You can find our new Gaming centre at cybersmile.org/gaming – so press pause for a second and tell your friends!

If you’re experiencing abuse in gaming then we have a new section to help you – visit the Gaming Help Centre now!

We’d love to know what you think of our latest development. Tweet us @CybersmileHQ to join our conversation.