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Cybersmile Campaign and Activity Highlights of 2022


The last year has seen Cybersmile ideate and deliver some of our most profound campaigns and activities to date. For more details about any activity mentioned below, follow the links throughout this article to the corresponding pages. If you are affected by anything touched on within this article, follow the links to our various support services or click on the blue logo icon at the bottom right of the screen to start using Cybersmile Assistant, our smart AI support assistant.

As we look back on 2022, everybody at Cybersmile would like to say a HUGE thank you to all those people who supported our activities over the last 12 months. In particular, we would like to recognize the amazing work of our volunteers, corporate partners, media partners, advisory panel members, official ambassadors, donors, supporting organizations, supporting governments, influencers and content creators, and of course, our Cybersmile social community of over 2 million people who promote our work all over the world.

2023 is set to be Cybersmile’s most exciting year to date. We will be forging a new chapter in our history with a host of exciting campaigns, new educational tools and many surprises to be revealed in the coming months.

Cybersmile launched “Sharezees” campaign with top teen influencers Arabella and Izzie Rodgers

We launched a new awareness campaign supported by Urban Outfitters entitled “Sharezees” to discourage teens from sharing their passwords and security PIN codes – a habit that can have devastating consequences.

The Sharezees campaign aimed to reach a broad audience to help change the culture around password sharing, moving it away from being acceptable or even a show of affection or friendship.

You can learn more about our Sharezees campaign here.

Cybersmile and the CW Network launched the nationwide “Dare to Love, Defy Hate” mental health campaign

We teamed up with The CW Network to launch a powerful campaign entitled “Dare to Love, Defy Hate” on World Mental Health Day with the support of the US Surgeon General, music icon Stevie Wonder, and a range of popular TV stars.

The partnership between The CW Network and Cybersmile encouraged young people to prioritize love, kindness and respect and to provide resources and support to those facing cyberbullying related issues.

You can learn more about our Dare to Love, Defy Hate campaign here.

Cybersmile launched its digital wellbeing campaign on World Mental Health Day

To mark World Mental Health Day 2022, we announced a number of activities including exclusive interviews and the launch of a new Digital Wellbeing interactive learning module designed to help internet users maintain their mental and physical health when spending time online.

The new module was incorporated into the Cybersmile Education Program which contains a full curriculum of interactive learning modules focusing on a wide range of issues affecting internet users of all ages.

You can learn more about our World Mental Health Day campaign here.

Cybersmile announced Hollywood star Garcelle Beauvais as an official ambassador

2022 saw us proudly announce Haitian-born, Hollywood actress Garcelle Beauvais as Cybersmile’s newest ambassador.

Garcelle Beauvais is one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood. She made her acting debut in the hit romantic comedy film Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy and co-starred with Jamie Foxx in the culturally renowned TV series The Jamie Foxx Show as Francesca ‘Fancy’ Monroe.

Over the years, Garcelle has become a prominent actress, playing a host of major roles in blockbuster films from White House Down opposite Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx as the First Lady of the United States to Flight with Denzel Washington and in Sony’s smash hit Spider-Man: Homecoming with Tom Holland. She proudly became the first Black cast member for popular Bravo reality TV series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

You can read more about Garcelle becoming a Cybersmile ambassador here.

Cybersmile announced Amazing Arabella as an official ambassador

During 2022 we announced leading Gen Z influencer Amazing Arabella as an official Cybersmile ambassador.

Arabella, who is one of the world’s top teen influencers, regularly uses her powerful platform to help promote important messages relating to mental health, self-care and wellbeing – areas of focus that align perfectly with Cybersmile’s mission.

You can read more about Arabella becoming a Cybersmile ambassador here.

Cybersmile teamed up with EE on a fundraising campaign to mark the launch of the UEFA Women’s Euros Championship

Cybersmile and EE announced a fundraising initiative as part of a campaign to address sexist hate online. The campaign launched ahead of the 2022 UEFA Women’s European Championships.

The campaign featured a video series sharing digital skills; free online resources that educated people on how to challenge and report online hate against women, while giving women tips and advice on how to protect themselves against it.

You can learn more about our sexist hate campaign here.

Cybersmile and Urban Decay launched the “Words Hurt IRL” campaign with TV star Ava Michelle on Stop Cyberbullying Day

Cybersmile and Urban Decay announced their “WORDS HURT IRL” initiative in support of Stop Cyberbullying Day featuring a powerful call-to-action video starring “Tall Girl” actress, Ava Michelle.

The campaign featured a series of videos starring Ava Michelle, a firsthand victim of bullying, both in real life and online. The videos shared an impactful synopsis of her personal story and inspired viewers to “stop giving hateful words power” and to “cancel online hate together.”

You can learn more about our WORDS HURT IRL campaign here.

Premier League football players including Jordan Henderson joined Cybersmile to highlight online abuse consequences on Stop Cyberbullying Day

Premier League footballers Jordan Henderson, Declan Rice, Harry Maguire, Kasper Schmeichel, Ben Mee and Jermaine Jenas joined together with Cybersmile and Ten Toes to highlight the real-world implications of online abuse.

The campaign saw the individual footballers share an ‘edited selfie’ on their social media channels alongside a call to action to stop online abuse. The altered selfie depicted the individual with physical injuries overlaid, illustrating the real-life consequences of words shared online.

You can learn more about our Word Wounds campaign here.

Cybersmile published its Digital Wellbeing 2022 report examining the impact of social media use on Gen Z wellbeing in the UK

We published our second bi-yearly study examining the impact of social media use on Gen-Z wellbeing in the UK.

Our Digital Wellbeing 2022 study asked a series of questions relating to the way that social media use affects participants. Important topics such as mental health, body image, social comparisons, negative news consumption, social media addiction and many more were explored as part of the research project.

You can learn more and download the full Digital Wellbeing 2022 report here.

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2022 is launched with the theme of self-care

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2022 welcomed millions of internet users around the world with the theme of self-care and digital wellbeing to mark the event’s 10th anniversary.

You can learn more about Stop Cyberbullying Day 2022 here.

Cybersmile announced formula 1 driver Nicholas Latifi as an official ambassador

2022 saw us announce Canadian Formula One driver Nicholas Latifi as an official Cybersmile ambassador.

Committed to having a powerful social impact together, Nicholas has pledged to take action by joining Cybersmile as an official ambassador to help raise global awareness of our work.

You can read more about Nicholas becoming a Cybersmile ambassador here.

Mental health, wellbeing and equity expert Dr. Barbara Mariposa joined the Cybersmile Advisory Panel

We announced renowned mental health and wellbeing expert, spokesperson and author Dr. Barbara Mariposa as the newest addition to our panel of internal experts.

As a medical doctor with a background in psychiatry and public health, Dr. Barbara, whose books include The Mindfulness Playbook, The Kindness Habit, and Leading with Presence, works internationally to follow a life-long enquiry into the interdependence of body, emotion, mind and environment. The new Cybersmile panel member works to dismantle all forms of discrimination and inequity while learning and spreading the tools of personal growth and wellbeing to create environments and systems that do justice to our shared humanity.

You can lear more about Dr. Barbara Mariposa joining our advisory panel here.

Cybersmile partnered with BT to launch a new educational platform for young people to tackle online hate

Cybersmile and BT announced a new partnership to tackle online hate, bullying and abuse through the launch of a new online education platform and a series of live events for young people.

A roadshow kicked off the new platform with workshops being delivered to 10–18-year-olds in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The workshops featured special guests and also built on BT’s Hope United initiative – which launched last year bringing together a diverse team of football players to tackle online hate in order to address the impact it can have on young people, and what can be done to combat it.

You can learn more about our BT Roadshow here.

Cybersmile and Urban Decay launch Allyship education and empowerment program

Cybersmile and Urban Decay announced the launch of a meaningful education program designed to educate and empower 500,000 internet users with the tools and knowledge to keep themselves and others safe online.

The educational program featured 6 interactive modules and a downloadable toolkit which equipped internet users of all ages and abilities with everything they needed to stay safe online, help others and make use of the power of the internet to support marginalized communities through considered and appropriate allyship.

You can learn more about our allyship education program here.

Stay tuned for even more exciting activities, campaigns and announcements during 2023! To learn more about Cybersmile and our work, please explore the following recommendations:

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