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Cybersmile Campaign and Activity Highlights of 2021

The last twelve months have seen Cybersmile deliver some of our most powerful campaigns and activities to date. For further information about any activity mentioned below, follow the links throughout this article to the appropriate pages. If you are affected by anything touched on within this article, follow the links to our various support services or click on the blue logo icon at the bottom right of the screen to start using Cybersmile Assistant, our smart AI support assistant.

We would like to start this review of 2021 by saying a massive thank you to everybody involved in making it such an impactful year. We would like to say thank you to our amazing volunteers, corporate partners, official Ambassadors, media partners, advisory panel, donors, supporting organizations, supporting governments, content creators and of course our community of Cybersmilers who tirelessly promote our mission for an inclusive internet around the world!

2021 saw Cybersmile impact, educate and support people of all ages in various aspects of their digital wellbeing. Media literacy, freedom of expression, social comparison, empathy and personal safety were just a few of the key topics addressed through our activities and services during the last 12 months. As we look ahead to 2022, we are excited to continue promoting our mission for a truly inclusive internet through thought-provoking awareness campaigns while providing meaningful education and support to all those in need – regardless of their age or location.

Cybersmile Launched Think Twice Before You Type campaign

Cybersmile and New York based health advertising agency Area 23 launched a powerful multichannel campaign to raise awareness of how online comments and conversations, even when using humor, can have real-life impact. The campaign won a gold award in best campaigns at the prestigious MM+M awards ceremony in New York.

You can learn more about our Think Twice Before You Type campaign here.

Cybersmile, Instagram and Cosmo Reunited to launch The Positivity Index 2021

Cybersmile once again joined forces with Instagram and Cosmopolitan to introduce The Positivity Index 2021 – an ultimate list of changemakers working to make social media and the wider world a better place. The list of 24 people included sportspeople, campaigners and a whole host of inspiring people having a positive impact on the world!

You can learn more about The Positivity Index 2021 here.

Cybersmile teamed up with Liverpool and England Player Jordan Henderson to Launch ‘People Not Profiles’ campaign

Cybersmile teamed up with Liverpool Football Club captain and England player, Jordan Henderson, to launch ‘People Not Profiles,’ a powerful anti-cyberbullying campaign designed to remind people that there are real people with real feelings behind social media accounts. The powerful campaign messages reached millions of people and educated more than 22,000 people on how to use available tools to keep them safe online.

As part of the campaign, Jordan handed over his social media accounts with more than 9 million followers to Cybersmile. A stream of educational and thought-provoking content was shared across Jordan’s channels by Cybersmile for the month-long initiative.

You can learn more about our ‘People Not Profiles’ campaign here.

Cybersmile Unveiled New Website and Brand Identity for Stop Cyberbullying Day

Cybersmile unveiled a completely new website and fresh brand identity for Stop Cyberbullying Day – our flagship day of global action and awareness which takes place in June each year. As well as all new branding, the new website introduced a suite of flexible support options for individuals and brands wanting to make their support of the annual event that bit more formal.

You can learn more about the all-new Stop Cyberbullying Day website and brand identity here.

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2021

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2021 saw people from all over the world come together to demonstrate their commitment to a truly inclusive internet.

Supporting brands and organizations included Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, DreamWorks, Netflix, UNICEF, United Nations Development Programme, EU Commission, L.A. County Department of Mental Health and many more!

You can see highlights from Stop Cyberbullying Day 2021 here.

Cybersmile and CO. by Colgate announced exciting new partnership

Cybersmile and CO. by Colgate announced the launch of an exciting new partnership to raise awareness of online bullying and the impact it has on the lives of young people.

Both founded on the values of inclusivity and authentic self-expression, Cybersmile and CO. by Colgate envision a world where everyone can express themselves freely.

You can learn more about the partnership between Cybersmile and CO. by Colgate here.

BT Unveiled Hope United shirt sale to raise funds for Cybersmile

Cybersmile and BT unveiled limited edition shirts available to purchase, to continue the fight against social media abuse and raise money for Cybersmile.

Football stars including Marcus Rashford, Gareth Bale, Lucy Bronze, Jordan Henderson, Ethan Ampadu, Andy Robertson, Rebecca Stellar and Demi Stokes are among those featured in the Hope United squad.

You can learn more about the Hope United campaign here.

Cybersmile and Urban Decay Launched Global Partnership to tackle cyberbullying and promote digital wellbeing

Cybersmile and Urban Decay announced the launch of “Online Bullying Hurts IRL,” a global long-term initiative designed to bring deeper awareness to the personal toll of online bullying and promote digital wellbeing.

Cybersmile and Urban Decay will work closely as part of a 3-year partnership to guide, inspire and educate the brand’s consumers, fans and corporate community.

You can learn more about the partnership between Cybersmile and Urban Decay here.

Cybersmile published ‘The State of Play Report’

Cybersmile launched ‘The State of Play Report,’ a new national report focusing on the prevalence and emotional impact of identity-based cyberbullying on Gen Z in the U.S.

Cybersmile asked respondents between the ages of 16 – 24 a series of 22 questions relating to their own experiences online in regards to identity-based bullying and abuse. Respondents were asked to share their experiences of identity-based bullying as bystanders and how these experiences affected them. Identity groups present in the study include racial or ethnic, gender, sexual, religious beliefs, perceived physical and mental ableness, physical appearance, skin tone, personal opinion and expression of individuality.

You can learn more and download the full State of Play Report here.

Cybersmile and CO. by Colgate held live roundtable event to raise awareness of cyberbullying

Cybersmile and CO. by Colgate held a roundtable discussion on cyberbullying and digital wellbeing with actress Alisha Boe and Cybersmile’s resident wellbeing and parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa.

The online event focused on the prevalence and emotional impact that cyberbullying has on Gen Z, as well as best practices for being a better digital citizen. Meaningful conversation was grounded in findings from ‘The State of Play Report,’ our new national study supported by CO. by Colgate.

You can view highlights and learn more about our roundtable event here.

Cybersmile and Dragon Mania Legends teamed up to celebrate and promote freedom of expression

Cybersmile announced the launch of an innovative awareness and fundraising campaign in partnership with Gameloft’s popular mobile game, Dragon Mania Legends. The campaign encouraged people to recognize and celebrate their individual beauty.

The innovative Wake your Inner Dragon campaign saw Cybersmile and Dragon Mania Legends collaborate with six popular make-up influencers to raise awareness of online bullying and celebrate freedom of expression while raising vital funds for education and support services for those in need.

You can learn more about our Wake your Inner Dragon campaign here.

Cybersmile and Instagram partnered to #CreateAKinderEnvironment online

Cybersmile teamed up with Instagram to launch a new campaign encouraging young people to #CreateAKinderEnvironment online.

Styled as the ultimate recipe to #CreateAKinderEnvironment (C.A.K.E. for short), Cybersmile and Instagram collaborated with Dr Barbara Mariposa, a mental health and wellbeing expert and a number of popular content creators to educate young people on all the necessary ingredients to cook up and serve kindness online. The campaign ‘recipe’ included advice and tips from Cybersmile on how best to reach out and be an ally, as well as highlighting the safety tools available on Instagram to keep everyone protected while encouraging a positive online environment.

You can learn more about the Cybersmile and Instagram #CreateAKinderEnvironment campaign here.

Cybersmile and Asphalt 9: Legends launched innovative fundraising campaign

Cybersmile teamed up with Gameloft to launch a month-long fundraising campaign in Asphalt 9: Legends, the latest game in the one billion downloaded multi-award-winning arcade racing franchise. As part of the campaign, Asphalt 9: Legends sponsored interactive educational modules designed to promote positive gaming experiences.

You can learn more about the Cybersmile and Asphalt 9: Legends campaign here.

Be sure you stay tuned for even more exciting activities, campaigns and announcements during 2022! For more information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following recommendations:

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