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Cybersmile Campaign And Activity Highlights Of 2019

Although we have had an incredible year in relation to corporate partnerships, celebrity and influencer involvement and huge growth within the Cybersmile community - it is all the lives that we have been fortunate enough to have saved and changed for the better that make us feel all warm and proud at Cybersmile HQ! For further information about any activity mentioned, follow the links throughout this article to the appropriate pages.

We want to begin this review of 2019 by thanking everybody involved in making it our most impactful year to date. We want to say a huge thank you to our fantastic corporate partners, official Ambassadors, media partners, donors, supporting organizations, governments, influencers and of course our community of Cybersmilers who tirelessly promote our mission for an inclusive internet all over the world!

The last year has seen us reach and support record numbers of people, and as we move into 2020, we are excited to continue supporting, educating and innovating to make the world a better place on and offline.

Cybersmile interactive learning platform launched

Cybersmile launched a brand new interactive learning platform offering a number of educational modules, covering a range of topics including mental health, emotional awareness, online safety, digital civility and many more. The platform launch is part of a broader, long-term commitment by Cybersmile to provide innovative learning experiences designed to engage, educate and empower internet users of all ages and abilities.

Cybersmile and Rimmel London launched I Will Not Be Deleted campaign

As part of our long-term partnership, Cybersmile and Rimmel London launched #IWillNotBeDeleted. The campaign encouraged people to explore and celebrate their own unique beauty and reached over 22.8 million people on social media. A video PSA was launched featuring a powerful cast of social media influencers and celebrities including Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne. The campaign video was viewed more than 700,000 times and received coverage in more than 100 media outlets around the world.

Cybersmile and Rimmel London announced the launch of groundbreaking AI support assistant

As part of Cybersmile and Rimmel London’s corporate partnership, 2019 saw the launch of ‘Cybersmile Assistant,‘ a groundbreaking AI support assistant capable of delivering scalable and sustainable geo-targeted help  and support to internet users around the world. The smart assistant is continuously being improved and developed, and thanks to the use of machine learning technology, it becomes smarter and more intuitive the more it is used! Although only in its infancy, Cybersmile Assistant is already saving and changing lives by providing help and support for a wide range of issues including cyberbullying, harassment, mental health, gaming, reputation management and many more.

Cybersmile and Microsoft’s Mixer announced Anti-Cyberbullying Partnership

Cybersmile and Mixer, Microsoft’s game streaming platform teamed up for a joint campaign titled ‘The UnAwareness Movement.’ The creative campaign encouraged gamers and streamers to shift attention away from negativity and toxicity, and instead focus attention and awareness on the positive aspects of gaming and livestreams. As part of the campaign, during the month of April, users on mixer.com, the Mixer app and Xbox were able to support the movement and raise funds for Cybersmile by purchasing the platform’s virtual currency called ‘Embers.’

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2019

What a year we had! Stop Cyberbullying Day 2019 set a new benchmark for Cybersmile with a truly global live broadcast with over 150 educators, experts, thought leaders and organizations. Stop Cyberbullying Day also welcomed 94 million internet users, governments, brands and supporting organizations from around the world to celebrate a kinder, brighter, truly inclusive internet for everybody.

Cybersmile sat on expert panel and addressed International Cyber week 2019

Cybersmile addressed delegates at Cyber Week 2019 in Israel on how governments around the world can tackle the growing issue of online harms, as well as reinforcing the need for the development of technology-based solutions to the problem. The week-long  joint venture between the British Council and Israel’s government also saw Cybersmile sit on a panel of experts including representatives from the U.K. Department of Digital, Media and Sport and Israel’s Online Child Protection Bureau.

Cybersmile made all educational workshops completely free for everybody

Due to the incredible ongoing support of corporate partners and donors in 2019, Cybersmile were in a position to make available our full curriculum of premium educational programs completely free for everybody. The change meant over 70 workshops and lesson-plans focussing on topics such as cyberbullying, netiquette, enhancing empathy, positive online behavior and many more were all made available to schools, parents, educators and carers without the need to pay or sign-up.

Doug ‘Faze’ Censor announced as official Cybersmile Ambassador

Gaming charity.

Cybersmile announced 4x Call of Duty champion and content creator Doug ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin as an official Cybersmile Gaming Ambassador. Doug joins other Cybersmile Ambassadors including 5x Counter-Strike World Champion Stephanie Harvey to help strengthen our work and promote Cybersmile’s mission for truly inclusive gaming for all.

Cybersmile and Claire’s partnered for Bullying Prevention Month


Cybersmile and Claire’s teamed up for a third consecutive year for Bullying Prevention Month. For 2019, we worked together to promote digital civility through Cybersmile’s interacting learning platform. Claire’s stores across North America, Canada and the U.K. raised vital funds for Cybersmile support services, and their incredible ongoing support has enabled Cybersmile to support over 43,000 young and vulnerable internet users so far.

Cybersmile published a national Millennial and Gen Z study of attitudes and perspectives toward social media platforms in the U.S.

Cybersmile teamed up with Perksy, a powerful real-time research platform and conducted a meaningful study of more than 20,000 respondents from across the U.S. to understand the attitudes and perspectives of young internet users toward social media platforms. Gen Z and Millennial internet users were asked a series of questions including which platforms were most popular, which platforms felt safest, and their thoughts on whether social media platforms should be further regulated by governments.

Cybersmile and CelebMix announced an official media partnership

Cybersmile CelebMix media partnership

Cybersmile and CelebMix, a popular celebrity news outlet announced an official partnership to help raise awareness of Cybersmile’s celebrity and influencer led campaigns. With over 300,000 social media followers and over 3 million visitors to their website each year, the partnership will help Cybersmile to reach new audiences and further our mission for a truly inclusive internet for everybody.

Cybersmile and Instagram launched An Anti-Bullying Week campaign and published banter or bullying? research report

Cybersmile and Instagram worked together to spark a necessary conversation about the use and misuse of ‘banter’ by highlighting the potential for misuse that the term ‘banter’ has, while exploring the fine line between banter and bullying through meaningful research.

As part of the campaign, Cybersmile and Instagram also worked to raise awareness and educate internet users about the misuse of banter, with the participation of several social media influencers including Chessie King, Zoe Sugg and comedian Mo Gilligan – all sharing their own personal perspectives relating to the use and impact of banter.

Chessie King announced as an official Cybersmile Ambassador

Cybersmile announced popular body confidence influencer Chessie King as our newest Ambassador and official media spokesperson following the incredible success of working together on multiple campaigns since 2018. In addition to her tireless work with Cybersmile behind the scenes, Chessie also supported us this year by featuring in our short film that was released on Stop Cyberbullying Day.

Make sure you stay tuned for even more amazing activities and major announcements during 2020! For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following recommendations:

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