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Cybersmile Announce Long-Term Partnership With New Game The Path Of Motus

The Path of Motus has a strong anti-bullying message throughout the game. It is released today on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam. If you are affected by any form of bullying, please follow the links throughout this article to our various support services.

We are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with independent game The Path of Motus. Cybersmile will benefit from 10% of all sales revenue for a minimum of 12 months – helping us to provide support for young and vulnerable gamers around the world.

Launching today on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam, The Path of Motus is an action, adventure fantasy game centering around a character called Motus, a young goblin who has to escape a mysterious forest and discover a new world on the other side. On his journey, Motus will have to overcome the dangers hidden within the magical forest where no one from his village has dared to go before. Anyone who has tried has come back defeated and returned without hope.

During his big adventure, Motus will have to overcome a series of obstacles, puzzles and bullies who will challenge his resilience to the very end. Motus will need to navigate bullies in the forest who yell deadly words in a tactical ‘Verbal Combat’ mode as well as build bridges to enter new undiscovered areas of the forest. Motus will also meet strange and mysterious characters along the way and need to solve challenging puzzles called ‘Thought Doors’. As the game progresses, Motus will also age from a child through to an adult, challenging him on his journey and providing him with new perspectives and abilities as he matures.

“I chose to partner with Cybersmile because of their focus on both technology and bullying. Not many people think of video games as a way to address important topics like bullying, but Cybersmile immediately understood what I was doing because of how integrated they are with both of these topics; it seemed like a perfect fit! They help thousands of bullying victims each year through their support lines, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to contribute to what they’re doing!”

Michael Hicks, Developer, The Path of Motus

The Path of Motus has been in the making for three years by independent games developer Michael Hicks, who published his first title on the Xbox 360 at the age of 18. Hicks wanted to help children around the world come to terms with bullies, both on and offline, and also educate them on some of the challenges they face when growing up. Hicks was interested in using gameplay as a way to express meaningful ideas and The Path of Motus was born.

“Everybody at Cybersmile is very grateful for the chance to be working alongside such a meaningful title as The Path of Motus. With words being used as weapons, the challenge of finding solutions to overcoming obstacles and being rewarded for bypassing combat scenes by taking ‘the high road’ is a fantastic example of how video games can be used to educate and share important messages while being fun at the same time.”

Dan Raisbeck, Co-Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation

The Path of Motus has received rave reviews following early previews at this year’s PAX East in Boston, providing gamers with a first-look at the title.

“It’s easily one of the most interesting games I saw on the show floor at PAX East. The way it examines the player’s place within a gaming experience is brilliant.” – Tyler Reese, PlayStation Lifestyle

“I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw with The Path of Motus, not only offering up some challenging puzzles and unique game mechanics, but also making an effort to do something a bit more with the medium.” – Jacob Wood, Indie Hangover

Discover the trailer for The Path of Motus of below:

For players, The Path of Motus brings a new level of emotional awareness to gameplay, where each action has a reaction, and words have a power throughout the adventure. The Path of Motus touches on a variety of themes from bullying to self-awareness, empathy and resilience – teaching young people the importance of kindness and how their actions can affect others, both good and bad.

The Path of Motus goes on sale today and 10% of the game’s revenues will go towards Cybersmile’s Global Support Service which provides support to young and vulnerable gamers as well as victims of cyberbullying and online abuse. To download your copy for PC, Xbox or PlayStation check out the links below for more information!

The Path of Motus

Download for PC on Steam
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

If you are affected by any kind of bullying, we can help! Visit our Cyberbullying and Online Abuse Help Center or use our Global Support Service for help from a trained support advisor. For more information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following suggestions.

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