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Cybersmile and Pixelberry Studios

We’ve been keeping you updated on our partnership with Pixelberry Studios (High School Story) for a while now and we love hearing about how our collaboration and support services are making a difference in young lives. Pixelberry co-founder and CEO, Oliver Miao, has been speaking out about how collaborating with Cybersmile has made a difference to the company and to thousands of players who have been able to access the support that they desperately needed.

As well as helping to change, and even save, lives, collaborating with Cybersmile has had an amazing impact on Pixelberry Studios as a business. With DAU (Daily Active Users) and DARPU (Daily Active Revenue Per User) up 16% and 18% respectively, Oliver says that the meaningful partnership built into the game has improved both acquisition and retention of players. In other words, more are joining and when they do – they’re there to stay.

We’re thrilled that our work with Pixelberry, through High School Story, has enabled us to help vast numbers of cyberbullying victims and friends of victims across the globe. We hope to use other gaming and innovative platforms to continue this vital work in the future!

For information and enquiries about collaborating with The Cybersmile Foundation, please contact us at [email protected].