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Ask.fm under new ownership

In big cyberbullying news this week, controversial social networking site Ask.fm is under new ownership! With the new owners already in charge of ventures including Tinder, Vimeo and Ask.com, they are no strangers to all things online – and they’ve got big plans to improve the safety on the site.

The company behind the deal, IAC, says that it will invest “millions” into these improvements and they’ve even announced a safety agreement with the New York state attorney general, Eric Schneiderman. They have pledged to deal with all safety complaints within 24 hours as well as remove users who are subject to multiple reports of abuse.

It’s great to see social giants investing so heavily in safety – under previous management, Cybersmile have found it difficult to engage with Ask.fm; we hope that with this exciting new safety revamp, the site will follow in the footsteps of major players like Twitter and work with anti-cyberbullying organisations like us to really help victims of online abuse!

If you’ve experienced cyberbullying on Ask.fm, visit our advice page or contact us at [email protected] for support.