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A Big Thank You to High School Story


At the end of last year, Pixelberry Studios outlined their plans to pledge $100,000 to The Cybersmile Foundation by selling special in-game items, including outfits and school decorations. We were thrilled when this target was reached and the amazing team at Pixelberry decided to keep on supporting us – we’re delighted to announce that Pixelberry have now donated over $200,000!

In High School Story, players build their dream high school from the ground up, plan social and academic events, arrange dates and build friendships. Along the way, players meet a young cyberbullying victim named Hope and help her stand up to the bullies. Using sensitive, realistic messaging developed in collaboration with us here at The Cybersmile Foundation, players practice effective cyberbullying prevention techniques.

The support given to us by Pixelberry and the generous players of High School Story is enabling us to reach more and more victims of cyberbullying and provide essential help to those who need it. We have loved receiving messages from young people, as well as parents, who have been introduced to our support services through the High School Story game and benefitted hugely.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you guys at Cybersmile and High School Story. My daughter has gone through a terrible year at high school with being bullied online and in person. It got so bad that she started to hurt herself and become more and more isolated from her friends and us, her family. A few weeks ago she downloaded something called High School Story and after a few days she showed us how she had discovered Cybersmile and got help from you in dealing with cyberbullying. She is so excited and happy now that she has found someone to talk to through your site and the helpline counsellors. It is clear that you have done something very special with High School Story and that you guys really do care about showing our children how to make more positive choices online, it is so much more than just a game and heart warming to see profits go to this wonderful charity.”

Email from parent

Cybersmile founder, Scott Freeman, says: “The partnership between Cybersmile and High School Story has been an amazing success, the money that Pixelberry Studios have donated so far has made a real, quantifiable difference to the way our charity operates. The fantastic team behind High School Story has enabled thousands of children to get potentially life saving help and support when they need it most. From everybody at Cybersmile we want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Pixelberry Studios for helping us to provide our vital services to the victims of cyberbullying and their families.”

To learn more about High School Story or start playing the game, click here!