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Information for Banned Users

So… you’ve been banned from the Cybersmile Support Community. 

This is likely because somebody has reported content you have submitted as inappropriate or offensive. In most cases, when a moderator has banned you, this is to give you time to think about what led you to post this content, review our terms and conditions, and make sure you’re ready to rejoin the community with a positive outlook.

Possible bans:

  • 1 hour
  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • permanent

Moderators are able to ban users for different time periods and the length of the ban you receive is down to the judgment of the moderator. Ban times are judged on the nature, severity and intent of the content posted. Serious offensive material and violations of our terms and conditions may result in a permanent ban from the Cybersmile Support Community.

When logged in, a bar at the top of the page will show you how long you have remaining of your ban. While banned, users may still access the support community to read advice topics and discussions, but may not post content in the message boards, live chat or positivity shrine.

If you believe you have been mistakenly banned or have questions about how to get the best out of your experience in the Cybersmile Support Community, you can email us: [email protected]