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Programs: Age 5-8

Effects of Cyberbullying 5-8

Age 5-8: This exercise aims to raise awareness of the effects that cyberbullying can have on a cyber-victim.

Ways Of Getting Help 5-8

Age 5-8: An exercise that allows learners to mentally prepare for a cyberbullying incident.

Internet Safety 5-8

Age 5-8: An exercise to facilitate discussion of young people’s online safety.

Netiquette 5-8

Age 5-8: An exercise teaching how to show good manners on the internet.

Enhancing Empathy 5-8

Age 5-8: This exercise is designed to get children thinking about empathy and the emotions of others.

Unsafe Online Behavior 5-8

Age 5-8: An exercise providing a first hand experience into the consequences of sending inappropriate information online.

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