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Cybersmile Support Community

Cybersmile Support Community

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Prosecuting cyberbullies

There seems to be no justice for people who are targeted by bullies online. I think if we saw more prosecutions for this kind of behaviour then it would put…

by David85
5 Years ago
8 Replies
Keeping children safe on social networks.

I have three kids and find it very difficult to know what sites they are using. I tried to friend my teenage daughter on facebook and got laughed at! I…

by Jazz
5 Years ago
5 Replies
What is revenge porn?

I'm hearing lots of horror stories regarding revenge porn and how it's causing people to lose jobs, marriages and even commit suicide. Is revenge porn really as big a problem…

by Suzanne
5 Years ago
7 Replies
Protecting children online

I have two young kids under 10 and they are into everything online. I don't want to stop them having fun but I do worry about keeping them safe, and…

by Marti
5 Years ago
6 Replies
I cant seem to get anyone to be nice to me

why is no one nice well its because of how they where raised

by kitty
5 Years ago
11 Replies
Cyberbullying survivors group (CSG)

Hello, a few years ago I was a victim of horrendous Cyberbullying and it got so bad I resorted to self harm. Now, through it, I would love to hear…

by Poppiepoo
5 Years ago
10 Replies
Shadow Ashtray Cupid

Hey I want you guys to tell me what do you think about emos and scene styles? I am emo myself as you can see by my profile pic oh…

by Shadow Ashtray Cupid
5 Years ago
7 Replies
Positively Be-you-tiful

Sorry my title is corny but true. You are beautiful the way you are and don't let anyone change you. Be you, love you, be happy with YOU. :)

by whenyoureachme
5 Years ago
7 Replies
LOL - What is the score?

My son is on LOL, League of Legends, and I am not sure about some of the chat that goes on. Some of it seems really abusive and a bit…

by Adam
5 Years ago
3 Replies
Josh K
What is sexting?

I'm not sure exactly what sexting is because the description is different everywhere I look! Can anybody tell me exactly what sexting is?

by Josh K
5 Years ago
6 Replies
You are the badest person ever die" Yep i was playing on minecraft i need help now please.

There was more stuff but it was swearing can somone please help i cant tell my mum she will ban minecraft from me! Im scard help

by dolphintiger12
5 Years ago
6 Replies
How do I protect myself online?

I have been cyber bullied before and I got over it but it was not nice at all. I am still very nervous about being targeted for abuse online and…

by Frank
5 Years ago
5 Replies
Sexting - advice for my daughters

I have two daughters 8 and 14 and i am very worried about the problem of sexting. I know my eldest daughter has been asked by boys at school for…

by Petula
5 Years ago
5 Replies
(user deleted)
Instagram troubles

Someone is abusing my friend on Instagram, what should I do?

by (user deleted)
5 Years ago
2 Replies
I'd really like to talk about something and work out how to feel better about it, can anyone help me?

Hello, I'm new and feeling very sensitive but would like to feel better about something that's happened to me recently.

by MsUnderstood
5 Years ago
4 Replies