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Younow an unsafe place for people with special needs/autism

I'd like to tell ya'll about my unfortunate time on the broadcasting site YouNow I have used that site since late 2014 it was fun at for a while, over the next 2 years I made lots of friends, then starting in 2017 things changed and the drama started more and more broadcasters started seeing their fans as a form of income from tips and less human, a long since gone broadcaster I was friends with all of a sudden turned on me because I didn't have the money to tip, when I told her I was on disability she turned around and did everything but cuss me out telling me a real fan would have a real job and money to tip. So I got mad, and instead of flipping out, I told her about my aspurgers and depression she turned around and blocked me from her broadcast saying she didn't need people like me in her broadcast, she only wanted people smart enough to keep up. so because I was very hurt and really only had one friend from the site I could talk to I left, leaving behind a lot of people I felt safe with. For about 5 months I stayed off the site floating from chat site to chat site just to have someone to talk to, I missed my connections with some of the broadcasters from younow so I made a new account, I was welcomed back better than I could have hoped for, so for a while I felt safe again, that was up until April 2019, Autism awareness/mental health became topic, which at first I thought was a good idea a topic I could guest with someone and tell my story, man was I wrong, only a very few broadcasters talked on the subject, and a lot of the ones who didn't said things like "not my problem" "people are just begging for attention and trying to get me to feel sorry for them" many broadcasters made fun of people with ptsd by repeating may times during a broadcast "oh I can't say that I might trigger someone" or when they were guesting with someone else or in a another broadcast they would repeat "you can't do that or you can't say that I might get triggered" this went on for a couple of months then people started leaving for other sites, which wrong or right I liked because I could feel safer and more welcome with the ones I watched. I was wrong again a lot of broadcaster treated me kindly and with respect but one broadcaster took it upon himself to start blocking autistic people, he did this to many of them, he made a blanket statement where he claimed because they couldn't always understand what he was talking about that all we ever were was a distraction to his broadcast. I tried to let my feelings go because I had other friends on the site, when I was calm about the statements that were made I went back to his broadcast to my surprise less than a week ago he replayed a clip I didn't know about on his broadcast in said clip he was talking to another broadcaster where he told her special needs people are just a disruption to YouNow and if he could he'd get them off the platform because the site had no need for them. when I heard that I cried because this broadcaster I felt safe watching felt so harshly about special needs people. So I left again, on the urging of a very close friend who is a broadcaster that I knew and talked to off site I made a new account with a new name she wanted me in her broadcast because she told me I always made her feel special and could help keep drama out of her broadcasts, I did, with this new account I was hidden and safe, I've been sticking to mainly to her broadcasts.when she wasn't on I would stop into broadcasts of someone of the ones I once watched. one of my friends is also autistic and left the same time I did but never made a new account. I was happy just sitting back watching the few I did while not being noticed, come to find out tonight while I was in a broadcast of one that I felt closest to I heard her and her guest she was streaming with making fun of the reason I left, I guess she thought another screen name was me because she turned around and said I know who you are and I know why you left, you couldn't handle the site, and that if I knew I was part of the problem I should have left along time ago, tonight I also found out the very broadcaster that made statements about special needs people told his viewers that autistic people trigger him and that he doesn't need them in his stream and had block a lot of people. To sum this up the best I can I feel that if you have any type of disability YouNow is a very toxic environment, they will find any way to make you feel different, in the way and a joke, I've tried reporting many broadcasters for the way they treat people to the mods only to get an email back saying that YouNow sees no problem with what the broadcasters are saying, they have even gone as far as to ban my account for three days for reporting a Partnered broadcasters (one who gets a paycheck and splits the profits from tips with the site) Younow has always treated the ones who bring in the money like they can do no wrong. The site in the past few months has become more and more about broadcasters taking shots at a certain number of tips, females who make their broadcast as sexually suggestive as they can with in the rules which are never enforced when its a partnered broadcaster , adult males watching and guesting young children while making lewd comments. over all this should be an 18+ site. I strongly suggest parents keep their children off the site not only for their personal safety (some how people can get numbers and addresses of users and leak them to people) but for their mental health keeping them from seeing just how cruel the world can be at such a young age.....I'm not the best of writers but if you made it this far thank you P.S. I still keep to the broadcast of the one friend who made me feel the safest and most loved in her own special way, for all she's been through with me I feel the least I can is be there for her like she is for me and to say thank you
Well done for speaking out Dark Elf, it seems that sites like this fail marginalised groups like special needs/disability users frequently. For a broadcaster to suggest that special needs people are not wanted is disgusting and surely flies in the face of any kind of inclusivity that the platform professes to uphold. You are far better off staying away from any platform that does not take action against this type of discrimination, so well done for stepping away from what is a toxic and badly managed site. I hope that you can take away some good contacts/friends from this experience and wish you all the best for the future. xx
Move on Dark Elf. That site sounds poisonous to the core and does not deserve one minute of your time.
I agree with Cyberninja, move on and put this behind you. Sites that allow this sort of abuse to people with disabilities or special needs should be avoided at all costs. Be strong, block, delete and move on.
Hi Dark Elf, you could also report the site to Autistic support organisations, who may be able to communicate with the owners of the site on how to address this issue?