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YouNow a bully’s playground

I’m new to this site but I came here to get my story out to the public, this story starts back in 2015, I found a site called YouNow.com back then I felt like it was a safe place to chat and make friends, things were going good until one day a bigger broadcaster found out I was a fan of another broadcaster she didn’t like, I was made fun of called worthless called trash and she had fans of mine unfan me, I went from 488 fans to 425 almost over night. Things got better I unfanned this person and moved on and started watching other broadcasters I thought I could trust, they had their drama with other broadcasters but they always made me feel like I was a friend, the first half of 2017 went on ok although rocky due to bullying that my friends went through, I had to grow a thick skin and learn who at the time I could trust. Then about August things changed the bullying got really bad more and more men started coming for children but there were people on the sit who handled it, more and more people saying you can only support me or I’ll drag your name through the dirt till you hated by all. Unknown by me the whole time I was on the site there was a person watching logged of who recorded moments of broadcasts and would post them on Twitter on their bullying page. Then 2018 came, that’s when YouNow went from being toxic to being a war zone. Drama started between two broadcasters and fans were picking side, and it became a place were your either on one side or the other, one side would bully you if weren’t on their side, then along comes June, the first sign of things of things finally changing and getting better showed up, a broadcaster made a truce with the person who would post on Twitter it was you stop posting and the drama stops for the most part, it was the first time anyone had seen any real change. Come the next morning a group on the site called sls was flipping out, blocking blocking fans calling them names running the drama to Twitter anything that would hurt you, then another broadcaster that had drama with this group started doing the same, all because fans were hoping the truce would bring about a new YouNow. Then comes that night I was in a broadcast of some one I thought I could trust this broadcaster was a member of sls, he was guesting another broadcaster I trusted because she was part of the anti bullying campaign on the site, She was crying due to all the drama, then suddenly the broadcaster she was guesting with started yelling at her telling her how she needs to grow a thick skin not let the haters get to her, she continued felling down about it and he started yelling louder and louder at her. The next morning come to find out my girlfriend a friend of ours and I were being called sheep, getting tortured on Twitter by sls fans because we sided with the hope things would get better. They wanted the drama because drama sells on the site. Then something I never thought would ever happen came at us, the woman who preach about anti bullying turned on us, my girlfriend and our friend for leaving her twitter group due to porn being posted, then I was attacked because I left in support of my girlfriend which I was told made me a bad person, we were to how much of a great privilege being in her group was and that leaving made us childish and made us sheep. I had to watch my girlfriend cry because she the one broadcaster she really trusted and looked up to was now attacking her. This was the broadcaster that preached on anti bullying, in the course of one night she went from being a safe place to being one of sls and a bully, all day I had to watch my girlfriend get dm after dm on Twitter by this person berating her. The whole time since the beginning of all the drama I would report it to the moderators of the site only to get suspended multiple times. When it comes to YouNow the rules don’t apply if your partnered and bring in money from either bars a form or currency on the site or subscriptions that gave special privileges to the ones willing to pay for them ( a sticker to post in the broadcast the ability to scroll messages across the screen and watch broadcast replays) Long story short the site went from the site I made many good friends and met my girlfriend to a site where it’s where your alignment stands. This owner of the site chooses to over look the drama due to the ones causing it bring in money to the site. I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone it’s dangerous and hate filled, this site should be 18+ and have a warning that the site basically goes unmoderated if you’re a popular enough broadcaster. Sorry for this being so long winded but I didn’t know where to turn to tell my story, and thanks to anyone who takes the time to read my story. Also it was my friend who is already a member that told me about this site so this is the first place I turned to
I read this article and I was very impressed. It was well written and more people need to realize what this site is all about.