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Worried mom- 16 yr old victim of cyber, physical, verbal bullying - is now being retaliated against by school district and principals

My son is the victim. I'm trying to find a network to help me help him, and give me advice and even constructive criticism.

After 3 different football plays physical beat my son and one of the also doing something called "revenge porn" in my state - which was taking a naked all front genitalia showing picture of my son in the weight locker room a year ago without his knowledge or concent
- I hat post too soon
After that week and al half of hourly bullying in multiple forms from all football players at my child's 6A school- (my son ended up quitting football bc he felt he had no other options.
Myself and another concerned parent addressed the district school board Sept 5. 5 minutes allowed- the district basically begged me not to speak giving me fear that media goes to every meeting waiting for juicy story.
I spoke general not naming any specific school or principals. Let's make bullying prevention awareness a top priority. The district response was a standard mailed 1 pager outlined how perfect they are.
My son spoke at the Oct 2 board meeting and in front on 200+ told his detailed story- very professionally, in my son's words to stand up as a voice for change for all the other victims that are in fear of standing up.

This week after 2 school board members asked if my son was getting retaliated against and I said yes and explained 2 examples. (the Monday before I was asked that and at that time he hasn't been)

My son, He's now being directly retaliated against by the school principals and 1-2 teachers they are statingvwry serious false allegations on my son-
Even other female students said the same-
It all started when the all star senior football player on the school team intentionally gave my son a severe concussion, out of anger bc he didn't get called into next play during practice a so between plays ear holded my son- this boy also is the top 20 athletes in the state and has turned down a few Ivy Leage full ride scholarships and a couple others to finally accept a full ride to naval academy.

What do I do??? As a parent? What does my son do as a student victim?

Is this typical? Am I over reacting?

How do I get tehsostrict to make change and put bullying prevention top priority?
One thing I forgot- the boy who took the naked picture of my son 1+ years ago kept it on his phone and August this year demanded $ from my son or he would "expose" him- my son refused to pay and the boy showed the naked picture of my son that wS taken when he was either 14 or just turned 15. To multiple students also put it on snap chat-then my son declined the other option to fight - all day long until now a posey of students spent the entire day bullying him verbally and in media- after school before my son football practice started Varsity head coach called him in and told him he was in trouble for bringing negative light on football boys bullying him-
After football practice- my son felt he had no other option than to fight the suspect- who hit him in face three times at start of fight(suspect 1 foot taller and almost 80+ pounds heavier- it was videoed and shared through a few social media channels and the suspect when on that night to crop the video to make it look better for suspect and linked the edited video to the song from the Rockie movie and physically and electronically shared that video
Hi CBrooks21, sorry to hear your son is going through this. As far as I know the non-consensual spread of intimate/explicit images is illegal, most certainly if the person is a minor, and most certainly when blackmail is used. This is a very serious offence. You should contact the police immediately about this and hopefully they will be able to also get in touch with the school.
I think the school bullying policy needs addressing, and you should complain to the District School Board, or at least voice your concerns over the issues regarding the treatment of your son and the spread of bullying material on phones via social media at school.