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Who to go to? Sexting

My son was invited to a Snapchat by a girl in his class and her male cousin.it was at 1 am and my son was asleep but his phone was charging in my room. what she was typing and her cousin was typing back to her was SEXUALLY EXPLICIT! I’m not a shrinking violet but what was being said by an 11 year old girl made my eyes hurt and made me sick to my stomach. I asked her as my sons mom to remove him from the chat so the notifications wouldn’t keep going off. Suggested if she was having trouble sleeping to read a book and wished her sweet dreams. She responded by saying why the f would she read a book and when she dreams she murder people in her dreams. WOWZA! I spoke to my son the next morning g asking if he had had other conversations with her like this and he said no and told me the other boy on the snap was her cousin. I am fearful for her safety. I would hate for her to get knocked up by age 13 or get found in a ditch somewhere. Who do you talk to in a situation like this? I do t know her parents. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If you are concerned about her safety I would recommend that you talk to child protection services in confidence or the police. We all know that young people say a lot of things that they don't mean, or just to shock, but it is worrying all the same.
You can also get in touch with the cybersmile advisors at [email protected] for advice if you are not sure.
This is a difficult one as you don't know whether the girl was just talking trash to impress her cousin and your son. Advice from child protection services would be the best route methinks.