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what should i do if someone online is not being honest

i was curios what i should do should i talk to them about it or ignore them
Hi Koda!
Well, it depends how well you know them and also what they aren't being honest about. (Does it just bother you that they haven't been honest or are you genuinely concerned/worried about this/them?)
You can always let the person know that they can trust you (and that you know they haven't been honest with you) by saying somthing like:
"I know that 'this or that' which you mentioned isn't (entirely) true. And don't feel like you have to tell me if you don't want to, however - know that you can and that I will listen and never judge you".
Or something similar. Just remember that we can't ever force someone's confidence on us. Whatever reason this person has for not being honest with you, you have to be conscious about the fact that they may not be doing this to be criuel to you and if you choose to bring this up with them, I do strongly sugest that you let them know that you aren't upset by the dishonesty (even if you might be), just a bit curious. And let them know that you are genuine about the fact that this person - if they choose to - can rely on you and your discretion on whatever mater, big or small.
I will add that you may not be willing to deal with whatever reaction/s this person will have if you bring this up with them so consider this well before bringing it up. And if you choose to let them know, and if they react badly you need to (try) stay calm, show them you have brought this up out of care and that you don't mean to "out them" as liars or such to anyone, show them that they can trust you - if they choose to do so is ultimately up to them.
Hope this has helped you in some regards. It's difficult to give a 100% correct answer to your question. But view it more as a guideline and not a golden rule, perhaps, on how one might deal with matters such as these.

Stay amazing Koda,
Hi Koda, thanks for reaching out on here. Aileen has given you some great advice, hopefully you will receive further advice from more of our community too. If you want advice after this please email [email protected] and an advisor will help you.
It really depends on how well you know the person and what type of dis-honesty it is. If someone is being dishonest, it is their problem or issue, not yours. I think all you can do is let the person know you are open to talk and just keep that door open for them if they decide to open up about it. It's easy to lie, or tell half truths, but it is very hard to admit you have been dishonest so this person may react defensively if you confront them about it. You can't fix or own someone else's problems, just be there for them.
If it is someone you don't know then I would be polite and friendly but keep my boundaries well guarded!!!

In reply to Jazz

I think that Jazz has got a point. No need to ignore them, unless they bother you. If you know them (IRL), then it will be easier to work out the problem, (especially if it is a friend). But if you don't know them then you should keep a polite distance and remain aware of their issues.