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What is the best way to deal with cyberbullying?

Hi, I'm a mother and carer and wondered what everybody else thought was the best way to deal with a teenager who's being cyberbullied? I don't know whether to talk to her or speak with one of her friends and ask them to speak with her?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated x
Josh K
The best way to deal with cyberbullying is to talk to Cybersmile because they helped people I know and they saved their lives! Remember to save evidence in case the police are called.
We have lots of info and advice on our site, here is a link that will help.
It would be good if you or her friends could talk with her about it and let her know you are there for her, it can make all the difference. Teenage years can be very difficult so letting her know that people care for her is very important.
Our team is always available to chat with anyone who is having problems and you can reach us at [email protected] Hope this helps and thank you for reaching out and helping someone.
Just talk to her, She'll be grateful for it in the long run, you could also call school and ask someone there to try and talk to her or/and talk to her (:
I would attempt to talk to her directly. Even if she doesn't feel comfortable talking about all that is going on, it will give the reasurance that you're there for her and that can she can talk when she wants to.

I would say talking to her friends is kind of catch 22 situation. I know I might feel awkward about someone if they were talking to my friends rather than striaght to me, but it would completely depend how bad you think the situation is. It's all personal judgement (which is understandably not easy at times).

If you feel your relationship is slipping with your teen I could suggest a day out with her. Shopping trips are always great :)
Speaking with her friends behind her back might upset her. Get as much knowledge as possible from the on here and the Cybersmile website than go and talk to her about it, she will be grateful in the long run. Good luck!
Try and keep things as calm as you can when you do talk to her. She has got loads of drama going on in her life do don't add to it by going over the top. If she thinks she can approach you without any drama then she will.
I think communication is key in helping any child. Sometimes it can help if another adult she trusts talks to her as well about it, a different perspective can help.
Speak with her and not her friends - that might upset her. Just let her know that you understand cyberbullying (if not ask us anything!) and that you want to help. Hopefully she feels she can trust you enough to open up. If you get the chance point her in this direction so we can help her.
The best place to start would be cybersmile.org. Everyone deals with it in different ways and you will be able to find out what is going to work best for you here. Try dropping them a email as well, i'm sure they would be able to help.