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What is digital citizenship

I'd like to know what people think of the term 'digital citizenship?' I'm hearing it more and more and I wondered if it is different to eSafety or is digital citizenship and eSafety the same thing? If they are the same why do people feel the need to create new titles and confuse things?!
Hi Gamergirl. I think that digital citizenship is the concept of applying our everyday social boundaries to the internet as well as learning about the risks and how to manage those risks responsibly. Safety is just one aspect, if we think about how the web is used in everyday adult life, banking, work, socially, shopping, politics, family, holidays, hobbies, the arts etc etc, there is a lot to learn! It is more about helping the younger generation get the most out of the internet in their everyday life now, and as they grow up. Let's face it, the web and digital technology is here to stay and is changing so fast, it is important to raise a generation that understands how use all this technology appropriately and responsibly.
I feel "digital citizenship" implies a whole-life approach in how we guide our children in the digital age. My dad talks about old fashioned values and many of these such as "treat others as you would like to be treated" are still applicable online, why not? We all want it to be a positive and productive place for future generations, don't we??

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Very true, that's were we get our mantra 'Tweet others as you'd like to be tweeted' from! Great topic : )