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What do you find the most challenging online?

Technology is ever growing. Almost daily; we are bombarded by new apps, new add-on's, new social media accounts and chat rooms ( Can you believe chat rooms are back?) New video (VR) games etc..

The list is rather endless. So I thought I would ask what you found the most challenging? It doesn't have to be cyberbullying related per say,it could be just trying to keep up with the privacy options which are usually always ever changing,(do not ask me how to work Facebook in 2017!) or it could be how to meet people online, juggling multiple messaging apps or how to manage netiquette on these various platforms.

What has been the most challenging for you? Please share below!
For me the most challenging thing was trying to understand the safety and security of messaging apps. I get people saying that they want to keep in touch using Whatsapp or Snapchat etc so you create an account and dive in without knowing what could be a risk which sort of makes you feel vulnerable or unsure. I came to the conclusion that I would only use the ones that I felt familiar and safe with. Now if someone says I should get an account on this or that app/service/platform I just tell them I use FB or Twitter and that is it, if they want to keep in touch with me they will use the method that I prefer or just give me a call instead! I don't like diving into new social media apps, so now I just use the ones I am comfortable with. Less stress and less risk. Life is too short!!

In reply to Frank

Hello Frank- That's a really good idea. I do the same. If people want to reach you they will come to you. We don't need to have a plethora of messaging apps. I have find having three is already too many! I think having healthy boundaries online and sticking to what YOU are comfortable with is so important. Thanks for sharing!