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Use specific words if you are being bullied

This post is for the teens and pre-teens:

It is so important that if you are being bullied to tell a trusted adult who can help you find solutions and deal with your emotions. However, I think a lot of kids use the phrase, "I am being bullied," when you might want to be more specific.

There are different types of bullying and intensities of bullying.

For example:
"I am being harassed."

"I am being threatened."

"I am being punched and kicked on my way to school."

"I am being gossiped about."

"I am being insulted on social media."

"I am being assaulted."

This helps adults to pinpoint the specific problem. When you say, "I am being bullied," we then have to dig a little deeper with you and get you to open up about the type of problem.

I know it's hard to open up. I know also from having my own 13-year-old that once you open up, it's easy to use a general phrase to try to describe what is going on or how you are feeling. But try to give your parent, teacher, youth pastor, coach, counselor, a very specific WORD.

This was brought to my attention on Twitter a couple of days ago, and I argued with the person that younger people feel safer using the phrase, "I am being bullied," because it's hard for you guys to open up.

However after thinking about her point, I realize it is very valid and important.

Using specific descriptive words will get you help more quickly and will get you the kind of support you need.

Can you think of other ways to describe bullying that will help someone else help you?
Hi Heidi. Sometimes it can be hard to know the difference or even the simplest words to tell someone that you are being bullied. But you make a good point.
Have a nice day.
Thats a really interesting point you make Heidi, though some children don't know how to properly use words like 'threatened' and 'assaulted' you might hear them say more vague things like "i'm being hurt" or "They're making me feel upset" though on some occassions you can have the problem of your child being angry with the situation and they don't give much information at all apart from being very upset. I know it's difficult to track down the source of bullying and i feel like children should be educated on how to properly say how they're being bullied but if we rush into the situation it may cause a lot of confusion and unwanted trouble eg a child that has been having a problem with very physically agressive bullies might say they're being harrassed and this might cause the sitation to be dealt with a lot differently than it should have. At the current state in time it's always a lot better to put as much research in the problem as you can but sometimes children can find it very difficult to be very specific. :)
Great point, Sheepsies!
Great topic! I think it's a really good idea to try and get people thinking about the way that they are being bullied or cyberbullied. It can only help them understand the solutions better if they are more understanding of the problem.