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Suffering on my own

Hey guys.
I'm going through a rough time right now. Thanks for all your feed back I feel Better. If this is really bad grammar and Idk I'm crying right now so sorry.

I feel so alone right now. My friends don't like me. Me best friend has started ignoring me. I feel like such a horrible person. My question is though can I still contact cyber smile on e-mail even if it's not got anything to do about online stuff?

You guys are greAt please stay that way.
Peace out from dolphin
AS a older, maler, 0% cybersmiler I feel reticent about responding. I cannot counsel or console you as I am not qualified. I cannot share your distress or understand it deeply because the way I coped was to cut off my emotional involvements at that 'difficult' age. If a sad but respectful silence helps, here is one . . . .

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However I do think you bring up a really important point. Is there actually a difference between our online and real world existences as bullies and victimms?
Hey Dolphine! How are you? As for me,I am fine right now...You know what? I also have a friend...she's chinese mixed with christian. We were best friends for 6 years and now she went to other class but still in the same school.She had no friends in the class...so she started her conversation with other pupil...After a few days...they started to ignore my friend...they tell that she was annoying,stupid,and many more...she almost cry but I comfort her that I promise to be with her always and alays smile...so c'mon and start your conversation with other pupil and don't be with the same pupil...some people can live without friends you know?

That is what I am going to share my story with you...

Hi Dolphin,
I understand you completely , grown ups can be it these situation , too and don't think you are alone. Heidi really hit the spot , try to talk to your parents,relatives,elders or someone you can trust because it is very important not to hold these things within yourself . I did that many times and now it is much difficult for me to open up because i've always thought that i will be weak if i show my emotions. That is very wrong .You already came out by telling us here what is troubling you.If you say your friends don't like you then they are not your friends,only the those who love spending time with you are worthy of your time.And if there are not any friends like this in this very moment,don't worry,there WILL BE,i assure you. I've spend most of my life alone , but you know what,we were born alone , unless you have twin brother or sister. :) Look on the bright side: Most of great artists,visionars,scientists and other genius people were often lonely or alone.And that is because they had great visions and strenght that only rare people could follow. So,start to consider yourself a great person,because,that is who you are,belive me. Bruce Lee once said:" Only the self-sufficient can stand alone,most people follow the crowd and imitate."
I'm not saying you should go through your life alone,offcourse not,like Heidi said , you are very young and need to talk to someone about it. I'm sure there's at list one person to listen to you and will try to help you.I only wish you to start think of yourself as a very worthy person and you don't need to imitate to fit in , just be yourself,as Heidi already said it nicely. :) Think of yourself as an introvert: you spend these times alone because you choose carefully who will you let into your world,your life. It is not them who don't want to spend their time with you,it is you who doesn't want them around. And belive me,you don't want them , because you have nothing in common. Eventually,you will meet new friends and surely among them you'll find that very special friend to share your precious time with. Untill then,you need to do everything that Heidi said. :) And let us know what have you done about it because,we care about you. :) Bye.
One more thing, Dolphin Tiger ... I'll tell you something I've told my own kid:

It's okay to be sad.

But make sure that if you're sad, you tell someone in your life about it, in addition to an online group. We can support you, but someone who is in your life can help you daily to get to the support you need. Does that make sense?

Also, I don't know if your relationship with your parents is good or bad, but I will tell you that when my own child revealed how sad he was due to bullying a few months ago, I took him VERY seriously. I did not waste time in getting to the bottom of what was going on, and I actually moved him from a school where some girls were being very cruel to him. He is much happier now and has made a lot of friends at his new school, and his grades are higher, and he is much more confident.

Sometimes a parent, teacher or counselor can put some steps together or plans for you that you can't make for yourself -- that will improve your life.

So whatever the situation is, make sure you tell an adult. Do not suffer alone.

You were very courageous to come onto the forum and ask for help! Great first step!

Don't forget we're all here for you -- take a deep breath and think about that one adult who will respond to your needs. Don't be afraid about approaching that adult, because if you trust that adult, you will find a friend who can help you in many ways (even if it's your mom or dad!).

Hope this helps.
Dolphin Tiger,
Do you feel comfortable sharing this with your mom or dad? If not them, can you talk to someone you trust, like a teacher or a guidance counselor or youth pastor?
I'm worried about you, because I have a teenage family member who has suffered in silence and wasn't telling anyone that could help her.
Make sure you reach out to Cybersmile's help email so that they can give you some guidance and phone numbers to call in an emergency.
Don't forget you make the world a brighter place by just being you! Don't give up!
Hi Dolphin,
Of course you can contact us through [email protected], all our advisors are there for you, even if you're having a tough time offline. Your feelings are very real and we understand. Don't worry about the crying, in a way it is good you are not bottling everything up and letting your emotions play out. Your emotions are there for a good reason and if you feel like you are breaking down, just remember you are really breaking through, moving on and getting rid of sad thoughts. Relationships are sometimes difficult, whether it's friends or family, it can still hurt when things go bad, but don't worry because you will come through stronger and wiser!
We are always here for you Dolphin. :))