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Stunned by the results

Just need to vent a bit. At school we hardly got anything done yesterday. Our teachers did try but they spent most of the day explaining politics and the importance of voting as that was the only thing in our minds and we really couldn't focus on much else. I felt a certain dejavu (don't know how it's spelled) from the Brexit result. As kids we always hear "we are the future" but then stuff like this happens and we just feel stunned and can't understand what on earth grownups are doing to our future!?
I hope people don't get to bullied online or elsewhere due to their beliefs and the presidential result. I fear many people will though. Just like the aftermath of the Brexit vote...
Dear Iaan, and anyone else reading this.
As a teacher that is exactly how I spent my day yesterday. Just talking politics and allowing our pupils to vent and have their say. I'm glad you got that chance too at school. I think it's really important for anyone, especially the younger generations who didn't have the age to vote. I can understand the feeling of powerlessness in something you feel will affect your own future. Much comfort on that I can't give as it is unfortunately true. But even if we can't erase what is happening right now we most certainly will learn from it and your generation will hopefully make better choices due to this years politics. That is the comfort for the future. As for a comfort right now, we can only keep being decent, kind, helpful and compassionate people (as we should always try to be) to anyone we meet no matter their political beliefs. We all have the choice in how we treat one another. And as things are as they are, all we can do is to keep going, not give up in our own beliefs and be a force of good in this world.
Behind a veil of dark clouds the stars still shine. Or like Tolkien wrote:
"Darkness must pass
A new day will come
And when the sun shines
It will shine out the clearer"

Wise words Aileen, just keep being positive and never let go of you inner strength. Things like this test our resolve and in the end, make us stronger. Don't worry Iaan, you will grow into a wiser and more experienced person if you are challenged by what the world throws at you. The more transparent idiocy, bigotry, racist ideals and just plain nonsense become in the world of politics, the better chance we all have of your generation not taking the same path. Like Brexit, maybe Trump will be the catalyst for the change we all want?
Thanks Aileen and Cyberninja :)
Wanted to reply sooner but Ive had mishaps with the signing in to the forum. It worked now though so first things first, thanks!