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Stop Cyberbullying Day

With stop cyberbullying day right around the corner (June 19th) I thought I'd start this topic so we can all share ideas about what we can do on the day to raise awareness of online bullying and help spread positivity all over the world! Any ideas anyone?
Welcome to our community GamerGirl, it's great to have you involved! Stop Cyberbullying day is going to be awesome so your pretty wise starting to plan now - be involved from the start! Keep your eyes on our news feed on our main site as we'll be announcing all our plans and a great Stop Cyberbullying Day 2015 download with all the details in : )
I remember last year going crazy with the 1D competition. I love the #Positivity campaigns for this day, spreading the word around the world and changing lives!!
Count me in! I spread the word whenever I get the chance. I think some kind of online competition would be a good idea, or maybe a few celebs could get on board?