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Statistics on cyberbullying

What are the latest statistics on cyberbullying? I read so many different stats from around the world I don't know which ones are the most accurate! What are the uk's latest cyberbullying stats and also is there a global statistic for cyberbullying? Personally I think the problem is getting worse but it would be interesting to have all the facts! Thank you in advance for your help.
Cybersmile have recently announced their official 2015 statistics for cyberbullying and you can find them in their report here www.cybersmile.org/wp-content/uploads/Stop-Cyberbullying-Day-2015-Annual-Report.pdf
I think it's incredible that 55% of the people polled have been cyberbullied! It also sheds light on what teens really think of the various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter - it's a really interesting read.
Check it out and let me know what you think...
You need to be careful where you get your statistics from because lots of organisations are fond of 'scaremongering' to exaggerate the problem! The Cybersmile link above is a great study because you know with Cybersmile its trustworthy and correctly done. That study shows a really worrying trend for Facebook btw with youth seeing it as being the least relevant now. How times change lol.
I tried looking at the UK's national stats department and they don't have any figures at all on the subject. Thats how far they have got! Well done Cybersmile!
There are stats all over the internet but only a few that come from reliable sources. As Adam says, the UK stat office does not even mention cyber bullying which gives you some idea of how serious the UK gov takes the problem.