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How much do you guys know about Sextortion? I've seen cases over the last couple years and some have ended in tragic suicides where the victims felt there was no way out : (
For anybody who doesn't know what it is, it's where people get tricked into performing sexual content believing it to be just between them but it can be recorded and then used to blackmail the victim into more serious sexual acts or even payments. Sextortion has happened on Chat Roulette and Skype that I know about and probably happens on other platforms too. Has anybody on here been affected? What should someone do if they are blackmailed online? This is a really serious problem that's growing so please help to discuss and raise awareness of this topic.
I've personally never heard about it so I don't know much. I should think it counts as sexual harassment and should it happen to someone, report the whole thing not only to the platform where its happening, but also to the police. I'm interested in what other people have to say about it. Thanks Suzanne
Important topic Suzanne. Cybersmile issued a media warning about sexploitation/sexual blackmail online to the media about 2 years ago. They tries to get information released to to students through the department for education but faced logistical challenges. It has gone on to cost lives with a well documented tragedy ending in suicide in Scotland. Glad this has been created well done.
There was something on the news about this and apparently a lot of men are being targeted on social network sites. I thought this was something only women needed to worry about but men are being blackmailed regularly by criminal gangs.
This is plain old extortion and blackmail. Men are easy targets for this and I think that many pay up just to avoid the public humiliation.

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Yes, boys believing they are exploring their sexuality are actually being exploited and blackmailed to the point of suicide. Criminal games have been putting girls forward to talk the boys into doing sexual stuff and then the gang takes over with the blackmail. They threaten to post links to it on the victims school Facebook pages etc. Unbelievable potential for damage to people's lives.