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Sexting and Cyberbullying what are your thoughts?

As I am sure we have all seen in the news and online, sexting is on the rise among young people. A recent qualitative study done by the NSPCC found the following:

-The primary technology-related threat comes from peers, not 'stranger danger'
-sexting is often coercive
-girls are the most adversely affected
-technology amplifies the problem by facilitating the objectification of girls
-sexting reveals wider sexual pressures
-ever younger children are affected
-sexting practices are culturally specific
-more support and resources are vital to redress the gendered sexual pressures on young people.

PARENTS: What have you found difficult about sexting? Have you spoken to your children about it and if so how did it go?

YOUTH: Have you experienced sexting and cyberbulling or know someone who has? What do you think has worked to address or highlight the issue, be it your school or community organization?
If you feel more needs to be done, what would you like to see happen in your schools or home to better equip you and your friends with the right tools when dealing with sexting?

All thoughts and experiences welcome!
Peer pressure is a big factor in this. For boys it is all about kudos and status as alpha males. Asking for pics is like a right of passage for boys who see it as gaining status among their peers and the pictures themselves becomes currency. Problems start when the pictures get circulated around social media or by phone messaging and become "public". There is also a legal issue here as technically this is distributing explicit pictures of minors, a criminal offence. More education and awareness of the risks needs to be provided for youngsters facing this problem.
Marti that is very true that it can be seen as a right of passage for both girls AND boys. It's definitely how they define it currently. But regardless of circulation, it's not a healthy way to attain favor within their social group. Which is what needs to be taught as well as the dangers you have listed. I agree wholeheartedly the risks need to be taught. Not only taught, but that young people deserve a voice in this debate. Peer support has been known to have an even greater effect then adults teaching kids why a behavior is unacceptable.

When I started this discussion, I also forgot to mention that Cybersmile has a great section on sexting for both youth and adults. Worth a read for anyone who requires more information!

In reply to *Reflective_Joy*

Thanks, here is the link to the Cybersmile 'Sexting' section in case anybody needs it www.cybersmile.org/advice-help/category/sexting. As you have quite rightly pointed out, it's useful for everybody to read it!