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Prosecuting cyberbullies

There seems to be no justice for people who are targeted by bullies online. I think if we saw more prosecutions for this kind of behaviour then it would put people off doing it. Young people especially should be more responsible with how they use the internet and treat each other online.
I think it would not be a good idea to start prosecuting young people, especially school kids for this. Many young people who bully do it because they have been bullied themselves and have issues. Criminalising them will not solve the problem.
Hi guys!

It's good to have a healthy debate and to have an opinion!

No one is right or wrong in this situation.

I think that Cyberbullying is most definitely a touchy issue, maybe people should be prosecuted, maybe they shouldn't. But I feel as though we are making progress with the whole Cyberbullying issue and that's great! Heck, this website even existing is a great step towards a happier online community!

Keep the positivity coming!

In reply to verrrrrrrronica

That's right Veronica, this website existing and Cybersmile existing in general means the problem is being taken more seriously : )
I think through education and awareness children should learn how damaging online negativity and digital abuse can be, this will help people towards a good, positive digital citizenship.
I think I agree prosticuting young people would be quite OTT in MOST cases. There are certainly cases where bullying has involved full batterings, belongings being broken and hair being set alight ect, and if this was a continual thing it would certainly GBH (which is criminal). Severe cases of stalking online is now an offence under it's own law but it would be in cases where it's not just you're being messaged on a single social networking site.

I do however think bullying should be taken more seriously in schools, and online. The sly comment here and there should be dealt with before the victim retaliates and then they're the one in trouble?! On the assumption that a lot of bullying is related to people you know from school (obviously not always).

How justice could be brought from cyberbullying is something I have no logical nor feasible answer to, but I hope some great mind can figure that out one day!
I believe if cyberbullies were going to be a criminal for bullying someone, our world would see a lot less of it!
Hi David, I've been wondering about thus for a while. I think that if people knew they would be punished for cyberbullying and digital abuse it would act as a deterrent for not doing it in the first place. However, we would have unrealistic amount of legal cases, children getting criminal records (affecting them later in life) and also problems around the freedom of speech area.....it's a really tough area.
I think prosecuting young people for cyber bullying in the majority of cases is probably a bit too much, yes it would 'scare' certain young people into stopping, yet most bullies as said previously are bullying for underlying reasons, surely the emphasis for these cases should be getting to the bottom of what these issues are to prevent the individuals cyber bullying rather than making them a criminal?

When the cyber bullying becomes (again as previously mentioned) physical then it is a completely different ball game and should be dealt with accordingly, however criminalising young people left right and centre for bullying online would be a step too far i think.

Due to the nature of cyber bullying it is very difficult to find a solution to prevent it from happening, although maybe more knowledge in education would be beneficial but will still not 'solve' the situation (if it can be solved at all) - Bullies need help as much as the victims, so working with both parties is probably the best way forward.