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Playground woes

Hello everyone! First time poster alert :-). I'm after some advice please.....
As a lot of parents if school kids will know, parents these days set up parent groups on things like WhatsApp, to make things like school events,parties, remembering homework etc etc much easier.

Well, yesterday morning I asked in our private group (no one is excluded - we are all in there) l, very simply what time all their kids went to bed. Nothing more nothing less.
Throughout the day we all had a very nice chat on there swapping answers etc and everything was fine as it always is.

At school pick up time,I'm then shown(by a kind mum) a screenshot of a PUBLIC facebook post which shows my private WhatsApp mmessage and a vile reply telling me I'm a useless parent,I should be sterslised and I should smother my kids in their sleep to put them out of their misery.

I'm absolutely gutted tbh.

It's been done by one if the school dads who I speak to daily and thought we were friends.

His vile facebook post shows my initials and surname and everything.

I need advice on what to do please.
Part of me wants to ignore out of self preservation but part of me wants to ask him how the hell he could be so mean.
In this day and age I also want to report him.
Its making ne feel so rubbish :-(
It might not be wise to confront him, but I can understand you wanting to. You can report the comment without him knowing it was you, it is certainly a vile thing to say about someone and I would hope that Facebook take it down. It's up to you though, you could just ignore it. I doubt that many parents would agree with what he posted and will be just as disgusted as you are. Make sure you block him from all your social media.
I think Marti makes a good point about how his post exposes him as someone who has issues, more than anything else. It says far more about him than you.

You may also be able to bring this up at a PTA meeting, or in confidence with the school faculty. The school may not be directly involved but parents and children at the school may have seen this post and this could potentially cause problems. Could be worth a chat?