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Online Games and Griefing - List

I am trying to gather a list of online games were this is happening and would like peoples input and experiences, also details of how it was handled by the GM's etc would be helpful.
My son is on Minecraft all the time and he avoids servers that allow griefers to ruin players hard work.
I have looked up griefers on google and found out some of them even hire their "services". Looks like being a moron is big business.
Great post and much needed! Off the top of my head I can't commit to naming any but I'm going to have a look about for you and report back! I know that griefing for hire is potentially ruining the gaming experience for many. Thanks for the post!
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I've never heard about this before but it is SHOCKING!
I agree this is a great post and an important topic! Hope more people post about their experiences with Griefing.
Hullo forum!
What I know is this;
Games with/for younger players (kids/teens) do experience bullying on a dayly basis!
Two examples of those kinds of games are Call of Duty and Battlefield. However on such games one can block players comments (obviously bullying should not be happening but there are ways to not see what they write).
When it comes to Minecraft it is a play and learn business unless one does ones "homework" before starting to play. One can look up servers that don't allow Griefing and choose to play there without the risk of anyone destroying ones efforts. (Some servers allow it to make the game more "interesting"! Some players actually like it, whilst others don't.)
Most online games that are based on players playing matches/games against others and teams against other teams unfortunately run the risk of bullies playing them too!
World of Warcraft is however designed to prevent such possibilities.

I'll look into it a bit more and will write what I learn here for you all to read.
Stay amazing,

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Thanks Aileen this is great. You stay amazing too!
Looking forward to your next contribution : )
Griefers for hire are ruining online gaming. You can find people willing to cause grief for payment advertising everywhere now. It's such a shame because gaming has become so exciting. We are at the point where we pretty much are only limited by our imaginations - the dream for many years, but we have these toxic people to contend with now. It's very sad.

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Thanks for your contribution Aileen! I feel like I know a bit more about how Griefing works. I found it interesting as you pointed out, that some players in Minecraft may even like having Griefers around. Perhaps it's the challenge. But for those that don't, they have the option to change servers and that people should do their homework first. I think that is valuable advice! It's definitely empowering to know that we can still be a part of a gaming community but still have healthy boundaries in place should we need them.
I can't believe I missed this post earlier. Aileen's tutorial is wonderful, so thank you.
I wanted to add that this practice is *very* upsetting to my own kid in Minecraft. The problem, however, is that it's hard to know when a player is "just being a rude kid" or is someone who is older that is deliberately trying to ruin the game.
When my kid's "treasure" is looted, or someone "burns down" something he has constructed, it is a huge disaster around here. There have been times when he has had to stop playing for at least a week, because he's so upset.
He has gotten to a point where he knows now how to set boundaries with other players. I have heard him say, "The last time you asked to play with me, you burned down my house. I don't like playing with people who do that, so this is your last chance. If you do it again, I won't play with you ever again."
This seems to be effective, but sometimes he really does hit on a kid who is out of control. The good news is that he does hold to his promise never to play with the person again, and hopefully that sends a message.
I'd be curious to find out from kids in this forum if they've had a lot of problems in Minecraft. I always thought my kid might be an isolated case, but now I see it's a common issue. Never knew that before!
Thanks for the post, Aeonblue!
There's Griefing on need for speed (ps4). As soon as you come out of the garage toxic players are waiting to drive into you and destroy your new car all the time. It ruins the game for me because I want to drive around with my car pristine!