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Online bullying

For the last 7 weeks I have been subjected to online abuse on my personal and business profile . Negative reviews placed on my business which have been told to be removed by the police and still harrasing me and anyone who tried to defend my reputation . Was called names like psycho, crazy , deluded and much more which made me feel so depressed . People tell me to stay off social media but my business depends on it . All I want to do is what I love my job making flowers for people x
Hi Tracy.

You don't have to stay off social media, especially if your business is dependant on it. You need to shut out users and comments that you don't want by using the blocking, filtering and response tools. You are in control of this and it will help to keep your online spaces free from unwanted content. You can then pass on any evidence of abuse to the platform or any other authority you are in contact with.

Here is a link to a blogpost on Cybersmile that may give you some ideas regarding reputation management. I hope this is useful. xx

Also, if you click on the blue cybersmile face in the bottom right corner, ai assistant will open up and you can ask for more info.
You have the right to do whatever you want on social media, including running your own business and to feel safe doing so. Is there anyway you can filter messages, especially on your personal account. Sometimes ignoring these people can work as they are so lonely and bored they want a reaction. If they are going out of their way to harm you, that's totally unfair and unacceptable. Please do not stop your business activity. You can either report or filter your business using the social media settings to help get rid of and prevent illegal comments on your accounts. Don't let them convince you otherwise! You have a lot of people who clearly value your business and you deserve to do well. :)
You can report the particular account as your business depends on social media so you can't shut down that. You can also flag the reviews as inappropriate or you can request a particular channel about the spam messages. The best way is to set filters and ignore the junk or spammy activities.

Good Luck!