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One Simple Habit to Improve Your Self-Esteem (and help when dealing with cyberbullies)

I just found this GREAT article on self-esteem improvement and thought it was such an amazing idea that I wanted to share this with all of you. The upshot is that if you do this, you will strengthen your mind and resolve to deal with cyberbullies in a forceful but positive manner -- and make you feel great about yourself.

OK, so here's the tip:
Keep a notepad on your nightstand next to your bed. Every night before you go to sleep, write THREE things on it that you LIKE about yourself.
Do this every single night, without fail, for a minimum of 30 days.

The writer said that she found this easy for the first few days, but as time went on, she really struggled. Ironically, she hit two big life hurdles during the month that she tried it. Her nightly habit to write the 3 nice things about herself helped her to see that nothing that was happening to her was her fault. She also realized that she had a lot of strengths to deal with the situations.

When it comes to cyberbullies, our confidence can easily be knocked away, and we can question ourselves, even if we have done nothing wrong to deserve the words or treatment.

In these instances, if you are in the habit of thinking well of yourself, you will be able to deal with negative people in a confident, self-assured manner and walk away from the situation with your head held high.

I'm going to have my kiddo try this, and I'm also going to do it. i'll let you guys know how effective it was! If you decide to do it, too, post a note here, and we'll check in with each other to see how it's going! :-D
Hi Heidi :)
I love this idea. I think I will try this out, if I can remember every night that is!

I usually chill out with candy crush!!


In reply to Jules92

LOL! I usually play a game on my tablet called, "Cooking Fever," or coast through Pinterest boards to settle down before I go to bed.

But I liked this article about forcing yourself to write down what you like about yourself. Recently someone on Twitter, for example, sent me a tweet saying they hoped my parents would hang themselves. (They were not happy with my political position regarding a certain American politician.)

When you get a comment like that on social media, even if you are a thoroughly grounded adult like me, it still can affect your peace of mind for a couple of minutes.

But having a strong sense of self, knowing who you are and why you are valuable quells any of that and allows you to respond strongly and forcefully, if you choose to respond at all.

Food for thought. :-)