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Normani Kordei as new diversity ambassador

It's amazing that Normani from Fifth Harmony has got involved with Cybersmile and is so active too. What do you guys think about it and what would you like to see them do together?
Yes, it is truly amazing that Normani is involved with Cybersmile. She's a true boss.
I couldn't be more proud of her. I love that eventhough she experienced being bullied, she did not let that outshine her, instead she conquered it and did more than that by being a part of Cybersmile. I never thought it was possible to love and respect her more than ever. I have so much love and respect for that girl. ♥ I'd like to see them team up with a project that would involve everyone all around the world to love themselves and spread positivity. 😊
That sounds like a great idea Niccole. If only more celebs would use their status to support such a great cause we might just get a few more people loving one another instead of hate.
The impact she has made by bouncing back from all the abuse she got is an inspiration to us all. <3
Normani rocks. After all the crap she has gone through, to come back like this is a sign of her strength and commitment to her fans and her beliefs. She's a legend.
I love having Normani as the Diversity Ambassador! I have always adored her and I'm so proud to see her representing something so positive and amazing. This is good for her.
Normani is having a huge impact, I'm so glad she partnered with Cybersmile.