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New and struggling with depression

Hello I'm gothbabybat or Jasmine. I'm in my 20s. I was bullied a lot from elementary school to college. I was bullied about being shy, being in special education classes, my clothing, for my sexuality.
I have no friends. And I stopped taking classes in college because of the bullying.
I still plan to take college class online though.
I've been struggling with depression a lot.
I have no friends and its really difficult for me to make friends on social media.
My online friends always leave or they're really rude to me.
Being stuck inside is really depressing. I feel lonely all the time.
I'm a lesbian. I'm still in the closet because my whole family is homophobic.
Its lonely. I don't know anyone else who is lgbtq.

Hey, sorry you are feeling down, i'ts horrible when things like this happen but you sound like a really nice person and I think you will find other nice people to hang with online if you look around. I am not LGBT but I do have a lot of friends who are and they are really cool, just like you!
Have you thought about joining a LGBT forum or group? This may be a good start if you want to find like-minded people and get to know people who are more understanding and accepting of your lifestyle and identity? Just a thought, I know there are a lot of ignorant people out there, so best to not give them your time.
Stay strong and don't blame yourself for others ignorance. I'ts not you. You are epic!! xx
I think Jules has a good point. Joining groups that support or are allies to the LGBTQ community will help you to get to know other people who are understanding, supportive and empathetic.