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Need Advice

I added my colleague on facebook , he has a family 2 kids . I spoke with him only once while i was working at my previous office . He is been stalking me , hacking my pc , phone stalking wherever i go... i would want to go to cops . PLease advice what information i have to provide.

all these days i been patient , but day by day its getting worse . he is been hacking my router now he has access to all my electronics . He has no ethics nor values, i have never seen such a miserable person who is married have kids and stalks another married person . i am just stuck in this i have no privacy i want to go to cops.
I'm no expert, but you should go to the police and talk about your concerns, even if you have no evidence, they may be able to help.

Here is a link that may help you with security etc -

I hope that helps. You can always email the cybersmile advisors at [email protected] if you need more help or advice.
I'm also no expert,
But your colleague's act is out of normal person's thought.
It must be hard to convince,for example,other person in your office "this person is doing these things!".But I trust you.those things happen.

Keep screenshot and photo for everything you can do,as evidence.
Talk to law enforcement,after you gathered every evidence you can get.
Also,until them,basic safety like firewall will work.

Keep your physical safety first! If you feel unsafe about it,call police please.