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My Cyber-bullying Experience.

Okay so recently about three months ago actually I was cyber bullied. The person or people who did it had gotten my phone number and started messaging me basically threatening to come to my house and beat me up and trash it. I'm fourteen and at the time I was sleeping in a caravan in my backyard because I felt like it. So I was terrified to the point where I was crying and hyperventilating. So I came inside and my mum rang the number, she told them that she was going to the police the next day and she did and I went with. They put it down in their files as harassment so that if the person contacted me again they would get arrested. The thing is though the messages came from three different numbers but were all the same person. I guess the thing I'm saying is that if you are being bullied in any way the best thing to do is tell someone and if it's really bad maybe it might be best to get the authorities involved.
Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Telling someone you trust is so important. It really does make things easier when you are going through a tough time and can make all the difference. Nice one Em2000. :))
This is great advice Em. So many young people feel like they can't talk to their parents about being abused or hassled online because the think that they don't know enough to help or will take away their phones. It really is so important to talk to someone who you trust, it doesn't have to be a parent, any trusted adult like a relative, family friend or teacher would be able to help, just don't try and deal with it alone. Thanks for sharing Em, you're a star!!
Good job for telling your mom! I always tell my son that I will always believe him. It's so important that kids know that their parents "have their back." Very happy to see that your mom took immediate action.
You handled this beautifully, and I hope that things have gotten better for you. Thanks for sharing your story, because other kids need to see how to handle similar situations.