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Moving On

Hi! I've posted a comment on a post by a famous blogger on Facebook, but then apologized after realizing my fault. Nevertheless, hurtful private messages were sent to me. It's nearly 5 months after that incident - I have blocked and deleted those messages as well, but I kept on remembering them, and kept feeling bad, and hating myself. How do I move on? I hope for some answers.
Fan bases can be the most unfriendly online spaces. There tends to be a mob mentality when it comes to handing out "justice". Don't worry, the messages will eventually go away, just make sure you don't respond. You don't have to justify or explain yourself to to anyone.
Just remember that these people are not your friends and they do not care about you. Ignore them, they have no place in your life and mean nothing to you. Block, delete and move on.