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LOL - What is the score?

My son is on LOL, League of Legends, and I am not sure about some of the chat that goes on. Some of it seems really abusive and a bit much for kids. He says it's cool and ignores most of it and that the game is self regulated by a players "tribunal" that bans trolls. Does this really work?
I know little about the game, however I do know that with games commonly slightly abusive can be said but often it's brushed off as cool. It might be worth keeping an eye on it and if it continues or anything extreme is said you could report it yourself. Games are often regulated but it is common that things can be missed and depending the rating of the game etc rules may vary. if your son is young or below 18 it may be worth setting some forms of parent control? Or talking to your son regularly about it if your concerned. It's good that your concerned and are asking, hopefully someone can give a better reply than what I can.
Thanks Melia. He seems pretty unaffected by it all and we do talk about things easily so I'm
sure if he had problems he would come to me. We will see if anyone who has some experience of the LOL tribunal posts something on this thread.
Hello I am a league of legends player. I play league of legends a lot and I can tell you that the chat is abusive, the recommended age is around 13 and the tribunal is very ineffective. The game is fun however and you can mute aggressive people just make sure that he is enjoying himself because if you go on a losing streak you can get a bad feeling that makes you perform worse in turn making you lose more and feel worse. this is called 'tilt' try to encourage him to take breaks when this happens. so in total he is probably fine, just check in on if he is okay every now and again. ^_^