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I've been being cyberstalked by hackers

I've been very distressed ever since this hackers following me on every website I visit and used it as ammunition to troll me. I have felt their presence since 6 years ago because I suddenly got hateful replies or troll replies whenever I use my social account to comment on websites but it's not as serious and often as right now.

As any other group of internet trolls they make fun of me in every way possible and making it sure I got to see them every time. What can I do to stop these people to invade my online privacy? I am also worried if they installed some spyware or any similar malware to keep track of my every online browsing.
Hi Famuon,

The best way to deal with it is to have good quality spyware/anti-virus software and to update your passwords. As these people contact you, block them. Use privacy and security settings to filter out any un-known contacts or unwanted communications on social media. Steps like this will help you to gain some control over the situation and manage it. We are always here for you, or you can email cybersmile advisors at [email protected] if you need to. Stay strong, you will be fine.
I would set up a separate account for commenting on public message boards, one that is not linked to your social media. Some trolls hang out in comment sections and forums looking for easy targets, so either stay away, read only, or use a 'safe' account. Speaking with your friends on social media can be challenging enough sometimes, as friends with different opinions may not always agree on issues, but will generally agree to disagree. But on open public spaces this is just not the case, these people don't know you at all and so the risk of becoming the target of online trolls and abuse is much greater.
If you are worried about being hacked you should visit a computer store/repair place or contact your service provider to ask for assistance. Most shop tech guys know what is good for detecting and blocking malware/spyware and they should be able to see if there is anything suspect about your devices. Just a thought. What you don't know can be scary, so finding out more about how hackers work and how to prevent it will take some of that fear away.