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Hey guys, so I am new to this website, I noticed there isn't a thread where we can introduce ourselves. So I thought id start one. <3

My name is Claire, I work full time with children and I love my job. I also do lots of volunteering in my free time, and I love helping out where I can. I have been cyberbullied myself so I can understand and relate to how difficult it is being in that situation, but you can get through it. Stay strong <3

Look forward to getting to know you all.
Hi Claire, thanks for starting this topic! It's lovely to meet you and we look forward to seeing LOADS of your topics, answers and positive memes on our support community!
Hey Claire, I'm Suzanne and I love Cybersmile! I also love Pandas more than anything else in the world. Great to e meet you!
Hello, my names Poppie, I'm 15 years old, nearly 16. My birthday is in the summer. I'm hopefully going to be studying psychology and I recently applied for a job in my nearest IKEA (:
Thanks for the replies :) Nice to meet some more of you too <3
Hello Claire

Welcome to cybersmile. Hope to see you around.
Helllo everyone,

My name is Emelia, and I'm one of the advisors for Cybersmile! Great to see so many positive people here.

Hey, Im Amelia.... not Emelia (just to confuzel you all) I go by many names.... probably too many for my own good, I'm always here if you want a random chat in live chat :) Hopefully I'll get to see more of you around in chat!
Hey All,

I'm David and i'm an advisor hear on cybersmile =) before i came a volunteer with cybersmile i was a life mentor with anti bullying charity BeatBullying.

In my spare time i volunteer almost full time for a youth project called action4bullying that my self and a friend of mine set up about 12 months ago, our project supports young people who are affected by bullying by offering a youth club twice a weeek.

where the young people can talk about there bullying issues,play games and meet other young people who are going thought the same thing.
Hi Everyone,

I'm Laura. Like David, I was a lifementor with specialisms on Beatbullying before they sadly shut down last year.

I have recently graduated my degree in Childhood Studies and my dissertation focus was on Cyberbullying. I'm currently studying towards my Masters degree.

I've worked with children and volunteered for as long as I can remember.

It's so awesome to meet you all and hope to get to chat to you soon :)

Great to meet everyone :D

My name is Karima, but you guys call me Jo ;) I used to work for BB too before they closed. I actually studied at uni doing Computer Networking which is completely random for here lol. Unfortunately I had to finish with a diploma due to ill health.

I'm now a mod here which is so awesome and I hope to see as many as you guys as I can :D

Ps, be aware of Mr Dragon. He usually sits in the corner ;)
So I was thinking since jo commented on this thread I've seen lots of new people around on the boards so I thought I'd bring this thread back towards the top in hope some people may introduce themselves :)

And welcome and hello to anyone I've not yet spoke to, I'm glad you've joined the cybersmile community
Hi! I'm Veronica, I'm 20 and I'm from Australia! :)
hey veronica! :) nice to have you us on here with us all!
(user deleted)
Hi! I'm Maria and I'm new to the site. I heard of Cybersmile from a friend and really love what they do. So excited to be a part of this amazingness :D
Cybersmile Hub
Welcome to the community Maria! Glad to have you on board :)