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Internet use during lockdown - are you getting the best out of it?

Hi everyone! My first post on the forum, so I thought I would make it an interesting one.

As most of us are probably under some sort of 'lockdown' during the Covid pandemic, I wanted to ask how folks are using the internet and if it is helping you or making things worse?

For me, i'm keeping an eye on the news but not allowing myself to be led too far down extreme opinion routes - such as 'it's 5G's fault' or 'It's being used as a weapon', 'the Chinese did it on purpose' etc etc.

I'm also catching up with friends and family more online and i'm trying to use the internet to connect in a positive way with people. I think it is important to do this. How about you?
I've pretty much given up on looking at pandemic news coverage and just try my best to keep calm and follow the best guidance and my own common sense. I've seen a lot of finger pointing at politicians and lots of weird and wonderful conspiracy theories online and they are not based on much fact so I steer clear. Most of my time online is spent gaming or on sports forums. I also learning to play the piano, badly!!
So yes, I think it is important to look after yourself in lots of ways while the lockdown continues - and healthy online activities are going to help.
I keep myself busy online catching up with my friends, gossiping loads and playing games. One thing I like to do is create play-lists based on how I feel at the time and share them on my socials.