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Im very ill

I took an overdose yesterday and was took to hospital. I did it because i have been sent numerous malicious texts from a friends husband making fun of me my size my illnesses and ridiculing suicide.he also rang and left a evil message while i was being loaded in the ambulance.And i couldnt check my phone when (if) i came back later 10 HOURS later.

He said:"hi im xxxxx friend listen if you havent died can you send me a text,you HAVE,mmmm have a good time on the other side"in a laughing smirking voice.
I have N.E.A.D (nonepileptic attack syndrome )caused by stress fits .i cant stop crying i hate myself there are loads of text messages saying fatty funeral text me if you dont succeed with the first suicide attempt. How can anyone be so cruel?
Hi Cyberbunny,
This must be terrible for you, so sorry you are being harassed by this person. Do you have any support from a mental health point of view? It is important that you have a network of family, friends or professional people that can help you cope with the stress. I would also consider talking with the police about the harassment you are receiving, they may be able to help you.
We are always here for you Cyberbunny, and you can contact Cybersmile advisors at [email protected] if you need more advice.

Stay strong and don't let this person make you feel bad about yourself, it's what the bully wants. I think you are awesome for coming here for advice, keep on being awesome and you will get through this ok. xx

Here is a link to help you block this person from messaging you -

And here is a link to help you with storing evidence -
Hi Cyberbunny. I'm not sure what country you are in but getting malicious messages encouraging suicide is, I would hope, something that the Police would be able to help you with. It is at least harassment. I would also look online for any women's protection groups in your area, they often have good contacts with legal resources and may also be able to help you.
Hi Cyberbunny, just checking in with you to see if everything is OK? Don't forget you can contact the cybersmile advisors at [email protected] if you need support. xx
Hi Cyberbunny
I have read your post and it made me sad. Why does this person bully you have you had an argument in the past? Have you talked to this person direct and asked him why he is doing this? You mentioned that it was the husband of your friend, have you tried talking to your friend.

One measure could be to change your telephone number and dont list it the white pages.

Hope you are feeling better
I think you need to know how important you are. I don't know you, and I'm not going to pretend to, but that doesn't matter. You matter. You deserve to keep going, to keep living. And you should be free to live that life without any of that crap people have been giving you. When things get tough, remember that the best way for you to overcome your challenges is for you to continue through them, and to not let them destroy you. I hope you know there's always someone for you to talk to though.