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I'm back + joined many social medias

I haven't been in a long while here on this site, and I love some new features such as the Cybersmile assistant. As an update I have started university now, accounting and finance major, and most of the people I am surrounded with are shy and quiet people, but yet I trust no one. It's not that they are bad, but I'm not connected with them yet. And yes, there are a few bullies among them but now I ignore them.

I have changed my mindset, all thanks to following some people like Gary Vaynerchuk (check Curse free Garyvee Youtube channel) who often speaks about kindness and what to do in life in general, Justin Dewit who makes fascinating science related videos, BTS - a worldwide known Korean boy band where they sing about social problems and mental health issues + they even have a campaign called "Love myself" dedicated to their cause, and many more people who deserve to be called influencers instead of these fitness/model people who do the opposite.

I also expanded social medias, except Facebook and Instagram, I now use Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat. Google+ shut down unfortuneately, but I plan on making a blog dedicated to my creative content like comics. Haven't encountered any bullying yet on any of them, since I am strict on who gets in and out in my contact list.

And one big lesson I learned is: To love yourself :)
Welcome back Wanesite! It's great to hear you are doing so well : )
That's great Wanesite. It's good to know you are doing so well. You sound really empowered, confident and in control of you life. xx